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Hearing God SpeakThe Littlest Star
By Cassie Memmer

"Ho hum." The little star looked all around him. "All the other stars are big and bright.
Why am I so tiny? I'm not bright enough to light anyone's path, I'm useless!"

Little Star stretched and tried to make himself bigger. He determined to shine brighter ... but he just couldn't make it happen.

"I'm worthless," Little Star sighed again, wishing he could run away from the brilliance of the big stars all around him.

Big Star sat nearby. "Don't be sad, Little Star. Some day you'll glow brightly too."

"How do you know?" cried Little Star. "Look at you. You shine brightly now!"

"Because," Big Star explained, "we ALL have a purpose and when it's your time, you'll know it and will shine just as you should. Now, Little Star, no more grumbling! Just gleam the best you can."

So with a timid smile, Little Star tried his best to shine and bring light to the darkness all around him.

"There you go," encouraged Big Star. "There, you're doing it."

* * *

Many years passed and Little Star tried all that time to do his very best. One day he heard a mighty voice like thunder! Excited, Little Star said to himself, 'Is that God? God has never spoken to me before! But ... yes, YES, that is God! Why would He talk to me? Little ME?'

And God called out to him, saying, "Little Star, you were created for this very day. I call you forth to shine as never before. I increase your size and brightness one hundredfold. Now come and do as I ask of you."

Little Star, afraid yet amazed, stuttered, "Y...ye...yes, Lord; as You s..say, Mighty God."

And God said, "Little Star, this I speak to you. You will shine over Bethlehem, brighter than any other star has ever sparkled. You will never be called Little Star again, but will be known forever more as the Great Star of Bethlehem. For you will light the way to the King!"

And Little Star grew ... and grew ... and grew ... till he was larger than all other stars. And he gleamed brilliantly making the night seem like day over Bethlehem.

Little Star felt so proud! He would light the way to the King! Feeling grand, he searched below him. "Where's the King? Where's the King? Hey! I'm not gleaming here for nothing! Where's the King? All I see is a baby! A baby? Who wants to see a baby?"

Disappointed, Little Star whined, "Where's all the fanfare? Where's all the excitement? Where's His crown?"

Once again Big Star spoke to him, "Ah, yes, He's a baby ... and He might seem little and insignificant to you now, but He will grow, just like you did, and one day He will fulfill His purpose for being here.

"You see, Little Star, ever since Adam and Eve were deceived and sinned in the
Garden of Eden, man has been separated from God. And all the curses of Satan have been upon man since that day. But this little baby, Jesus, Immanuel, which means
'God with us,' has humbly come onto the earth to bring healing and salvation for everyone who will believe on Him. He will grow up and teach all people of God's great love and mercy. Because of His great love for mankind, He will choose to lay down His own life to give them eternal life. He may not look like a King right now, Little Star, but
He is, and He will fulfill His purpose, just as His Father, God, has spoken.

"And you, Little Star ... uh, I mean, Great Star of Bethlehem, have the privilege of directing people to the King. For you will light their path to this baby, and they will find great joy in Him who brings light and hope to a darkened world. So shine greatly and do your part to bring wise men to this Savior of all men."

So Little Star, who grew into Great Star, beamed brightly, just as he was created to do, and called out to all who would see and hear, "Come, come see the King, the Mighty
King Jesus! He is here to bring you peace, joy, and salvation! Come worship the King!"
Cassie Memmer is a writer from southern Indiana. You may find more of her articles at: http://www.faithwriters.com/member-profile.php?id=14703. You can write to Cassie through the Letters page of this magazine.