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The Light Ahead of the Darkness
By Verna Cole Mitchell

So many times, dark days that come
Seem never-ending night,
But then the shining sun appears,
And all around is light.

The Bible tells us of such times,
When those in days of yore
Were found in saddest circumstance,
Yet found their joy once more.

While Abram longed to see a son,
One promised many years,
In God's good time, fulfillment came,
And with it, happy tears.

Young Joseph, thrown into a well,
Had wondered how he could
Achieve the greatness he had dreamed.
By God's good grace, he would.

As David cowered in a cave
To hide from angry Saul,
He didn't see as Israel's king
He'd ever rule at all.

Queen Esther sought to save her life
From wicked Haman's plan.
Then God's protection came to her,
And she was safe again.

Since Daniel would not cease to pray,
He in a den was cast.
God shut the lions' mouths for him,
And morning dawned at last.

And Jesus, in His darkest hour,
Upon the cruel cross,
Had paid the price for all our sin
At such a painful cost.

Then He arose, oh wondrous thought,
With God in heaven to be,
Where He awaits those pledged to Him
To live eternally.

So we, when suffering comes our way
And leads us unto death,
Can have the hope above all hopes
When we take our last breath.

VERNA COLE MITCHELL is a retired English teacher, who has not retired as wife, mother, grandmother, and writer. She has a strong desire for her life to be a blessing and her writing to bring honor to God. If you would like to write to Verna, you can do so through the Letters page of this magazine.