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TITLE: Private Logan's Revenge
AUTHOR: Gene Ingram
GENRE: Young Adult/Adult
PUBLISHED: iUniverse 2003
ISBN: 0595279562
FORMAT/SIZE: Paperback. 176 pages.
REVIEWER: Shari L. Armstrong

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Private Logan's Revenge by Gene Ingram is a wonderful coming of age story, yet so much more. Set in the Civil War, Joshua Logan first finds himself in his own personal war at home. He is fighting to gain the respect of his parents, friends and his sweetheart, Sarah Spivey (who has broken his heart). Because of his stuttering, Joshua finds it hard for anyone to take him seriously.

Joshua's brother, David, is the only one who seems to really believe in him. When news of David's death reaches home, it changes everyone's lives--especially Joshua's.

After learning to control his stuttering, he enlists--despite his parents' refusal to give him permission. Joshua's plan is to get revenge for his brother's death by killing as many Rebs as he can before they get him.

After going through training, Joshua proves to be a reliable soldier and leader, and he finds himself in command. However, he also finds himself at odds with some of the boys from back home, as well as other officers. His career takes many twists and turns, going from hero to scapegoat and back again.

The novel follows Joshua as he grows from a boy to a man, through many skirmishes and seeing the struggle for life and death all around him. Ultimately, Joshua has to decide if revenge is really the answer to finding peace for himself, or if it is found somewhere else.

The battle scenes are well written, and you can almost smell the gunpowder and hear the fighting. While they are violent, they are not overly graphic (with only occasional mild swearing).

It is this reviewer's opinion that if more books like Private Logan's Revenge were used in conjunction with history classes, students would find their lessons much more interesting. While filled with a lot of historical detail, the author has brought the facts to life in a way that makes it easy for the reader to put themselves at the scene.

Even if you aren't a history buff, you will find yourself drawn into Joshua's world. Private Logan's Revenge is recommended highly as an excellent read.