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By William Price

"You're listening to radio station W-A-L-K., that was 'Praise You In This Storm' by Casting Crowns. It sure was a scorcher yesterday, but these midnight thundershowers should make temperatures more tolerable this afternoon. Be back with the details in a minute. This is Sammy Lujack, keep it tuned right here, where we help you strengthen your walk with Jesus, W-A-L-K."

John Duffinski removed his headphones and took a drink of iced tea while the public service announcements aired.

Strengthening your walk, right. Nobody listens this time of night. This midnight shift is crippling me. When I'm awake, everyone's sleeping. When they're awake, I'm trying to sleep. I have no friends … five hundred miles from home… hmmm, where is that weather forecast. Okay, ten seconds.

"Time now for the weather. Looks like when this storm passes, cooler temperatures will be following, with highs today only in the 80's and a slight chance of a stray shower. Praise God for that. Now here's a song from Anonimix, 'Keep On Walking,' just for you, on W-A-L-K."

Somewhere from here to heaven,
Just the other day,
I must have been distracted,
I must have lost my way.
Now the sky is cloudy,
And the road is full of stones,
Won't you walk beside me?
Won't you help these tired bones
Keep on walking?

The twenty-four-year-old stood up and stretched.

It's going to be a long night.

Looking out of the soundproof studio window, John could only see the lightning flashing. He was insulated from the sheets of rain and roars of thunder.

Glad I'm not out in that mess.

A phone line lit up as he sat down.

"W-A-L-K, Sammy speaking."

"Duffy, is that you?"

Duffy? Nobody's called me that since college.

"Yes, that's me. Who is this."

I kind of recognize her voice, but it's weak and a little distant.

"I thought it was you. Been listening on the radio. This is Sally from U.W."

"Sally, wow. What are you doing down here? How are you? Those blue eyes still smiling?"

"I'm trying to smile. I'm over at Sacred Heart. I was down on business and got in a car accident in Pensacola about three weeks ago."

Somewhere from here to heaven,
There is a distant light,
Out there on the horizon,
Shining through the night.
Back here on the roadside
I don't know where to start,
Won't you walk beside me?
Won't you help this weary heart
Keep on walking?

"Are you alright? Is there anything I can do?"

"Well, you've been doing it. One of my nurses put this station on the radio for me to listen to at night. In fact, one of the nicer ones, Edy, dialed the phone for me so I could find out if 'Sammy Lujack' was indeed the Duffy I went to school with."

"You must be hurt pretty bad then?"

"Well, I'm hoping it gets better. My back was seriously injured. There's surgery scheduled for later this morning. If all goes well, Doc says I could walk again."

Somewhere from here to heaven,
With the future before me,
And the past back there.
I'm picking up the pieces,
But I can't seem to make them whole,
Won't you walk beside me?
Won't you help this troubled soul
Keep on walking?

"Sally, I'll be praying for you. I'll even come up and visit."

"That would be sweet Duffy. I have to go now. My nurse says it's time for a little more rest before pre-op. I just wanted to tell you what a blessing you've been to me these past weeks. I think I'm finally getting a few things right with Jesus. Even if I don't walk again, I know my walk with Him will be better now. Thanks Duffy. See you later."

How am I supposed to talk and cry at the same time? Oh my, the song is almost over.

"W-A-L-K, that was Anonimix and 'Keep On Walking.' I want to put out a quick prayer request. A friend of mine is having some delicate back surgery later this morning. Both of us would appreciate your intercession. Now here is Chris Tomlin, recorded live, with 'How Great Is Our God,' and that He is. You're listening to W-A-L-K."

"Sally, you still there?"

John was hanging up the receiver when he saw all ten studio phone lines light up like fireworks.

Praise God! There are people out there.

"Hello, W-A-L-K."

* Song lyrics by Tony Lawson - Anonimix Music (SIAE - 2004)
William Price was born and raised in Wisconsin. After serving in the United States Air Force as Editor of the base newspaper at McConnell AFB, KS he moved to Florida where he currently lives with his family. After years of working as a news director for various radio stations and publishing a Christian Magazine called, "The Original Stone," he went into law enforcement. Writing has been a passion of his since he can remember. In church William has served as a leader for a singles ministry, intercessory prayer and loves working with children in youth church. A love for Bible study, prayer and worship has given him a solid foundation that helps in writing for the Lord. He gives credit to a college professor's chastisement as motivation for finding the most creative way to express himself as a writer. The professor said, "If you want to write for Hallmark Cards, you don't need to be in my class, because you are wasting my time." If you would like to write to William, you can do so through the Letters page of this magazine.