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Title: A Pregnant Woman Beat Me
Author: Dr. Daniel E. Pann drpann.com
Genre: Anthology/Biography
ISBN: 1413753590

Twenty-four-year veteran Pastor, Dr. Daniel Pann, gave up his aspirations to be an electrician to follow the call of God on his life. He has accumulated a plethora of preacher stories, some of the more comical he has shared in this anthology.

In the preface, Pann states that he hopes to encourage "every Pastor who has ever strapped it back on come Monday morning." He further hopes to encourage lay people and pastors alike to "press on, to remind ourselves that we're not alone in the fight, and recall there are many sides to the ministry we often forget."

With chapters titled, "I'm Going to Shoot Me a Preacher," "Almost Dead," "The Bible Doesn't Say That," and "The Perils of Visitation," Pann illustrates his ability to both laugh at life and learn from the most observed situations.
Title: Levi's Will
Author: W. Dale Cramer
Genre: Fiction
Publisher: Bethany House BethanyHouse.com
ISBN: 0764281003

Forgiveness is the most necessary action in every human being's life giving it and receiving it. Without practicing forgiveness, our world is left in a state of bitterness rebellion hate and loneliness.

In Levi's Will, Author W. Dale Cramer tells the story of an Amish son and father who take decades to reconcile after the son leaves the Amish community to escape a life changing command.

With emotionally packed prose, this fictional account of part of Cramer's father's life, opens the door to the exploration of the damage unforgiveness leaves in its wake and the beauty of healing, since forgiveness "is the proof of love."

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20 stories about being a preacher, the people he comes into contact with, and why, complete the short story collection.

The title story, "A Pregnant Woman Beat Me," relates his trials and tribulations as a runner a form of exercise began to ward off heart disease complications. In his self-deprecating way, Dr. Pann tells of his noble effort to finish the race, and in the process, being left in the dust by a six-month pregnant woman, a grandmother and various others, some qualified as geezers. The author uses this experience to illustrate how God uses our desires and activity to keep us going
while keeping us humble.

Fans of Father Tim and the Jan Karon Mitford series will enjoy the escapades of Pastor Pann.
Dian Moore is a freelance writer, editor and reviewer and the hands behind Hands for Hope, www.handsforhope.com. If you would like to write to Dian, you can do so via the Letters page of this magazine.