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Hosea and Gomer
By John Hunt

There once was a woman named Gomer,
And no, that’s not a misnomer.
She ran from her spouse,
Behaved like a louse,
And was forthwith known as a roamer.

Hosea, her husband, was true,
For that, his Lord said to do.
He lived out God’s story,
In rich allegory,
While Gomer, the coop she flew.

God’s love will always abide,
Though oft times from Him we slide,
Like Hosea’s wife Gomer,
The insatiable roamer,
And original runaway bride.
John Hunt is a freelance writer who lives near Chicago, Illinois with his wife of ten years and three children. For John’s winning Limerick, he will receive the two latest FaithWriters’ Anthologies – Eternally Blessed and In the Beginning. Congratulations John!


Zac’s Tax
By Caroline Hansen

There once was a man named Zacchaeus
Who very much wished to meet Jesus,
He climbed up a tree
In order to see
The One sent to save us and free us.

The sycamore branches were able
To keep short Zacchaeus quite stable,
Then Jesus looked up
Said "I'm coming to sup
At your house today, lay the table."

The chief tax collector was
Taking funds from the poor by means stealthy,
The crowd was appalled
That Jesus had called
A man whose accounts were unhealthy.

"I'll give half my wealth to the poor"
Said Zacchaeus, "And what is more,
On meeting the Lord
Know that I can afford
To pay back those I've cheated times four."



No More Excuses
By Lynda Schab

There once was a man named Mo
whose speech was broken and slow
he said, "God can't use me."
God said, "Yeah? We'll see,"
and sent him off to confront Pharaoh.

Mo said, "let me people go."
Pharaoh laughed, "sorry, Mo - don't think so."
Then nine plagues were sent
to make Pharaoh relent,
but in the end, he still said, "No!"

Upon the death of his first born son,
Pharaoh finally said, "you've won!
Take your people and leave...
just let us grieve!"
Mo wasted no time. "Gotta run!"

After Mo took off on the run,
Pharaoh cried, "Oh, what have I done!"
He gathered his men
to bring Mo back again
and the Israelites too – every one.

The Red Sea loomed up ahead
The Israelites said, "we're dead."
Mo said, "why do you fear?
God is with us. He's here.
And He has a plan, instead."

And Mo, he held out his rod
He looked up and gave a slight nod
the waves parted in two
and the Israelites walked through
shouting, "Thanks be to our God!"

"I've got them now!" thought Pharaoh
and he ordered his men to follow.
But the waves crashed down
causing them all to drown.
Mo said, "Oops-just a little too slow."

Mo learned God knew more than he
about his own capability.
He thought, "I can't do it,"
but God took him through it
and he wound up with victory!