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From the Editor -
Pat Sheets
For The Kids
Featured Article
ParentsWasn’t it Yesterday?
By Pat Sheets

When I became a parent twenty-three years ago, I was unprepared for many aspects of the job. I had no idea a newborn baby could cry in a pitch that shatters glass. No one ever told me that "toddler" and "hyper-activity disorder" are one in the same. How was I to know that my daughter would need a set of braces that cost more than my first car? Never would I have suspected that my little girl would grow up and become a member of a cult called "teenagers".

The sleepless nights, the money, and the teenage years were all enlightening, but what surprised me most was how quickly my daughter’s childhood passed. I was so caught up in the everyday stresses of parenting that I sometimes forgot to enjoy the experience.

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The Floating Zoo
by Bill Shurkey

Back in the days when people were bad
God looked down and it made Him sad.
"I wish they would listen.  I wish someone cared.
"I wish I could find good people somewhere."

God told Noah about His new plan,
How He'd renew all the earth with God-fearing man,
He'd use Noah, his missus and their six kin,
And of course all the animals, who knew no sin.

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MomsOccupation: Mom
By Mary Elder-Criss
Copyright © October 2003

  Growing up as the youngest of three sisters, I never had much experience around younger children. The ones I had been around didn't leave much desire for me to have any of my own. My aversion to them was well known. In high school, I could have been voted "Most likely never to have kids." My own mother was a stay at home mom, and I didn't really hold her career choice in high regard. Wiping noses and changing dirty diapers didn't hold an enormous appeal for me.

  God, however, seemed to have a sense of humor about that idea, as today I am the mother of three children. Ranging in age from my twenty-year old son, to twelve and eight year old daughters, I've had more than my share of noses (and behinds) to clean. Thankfully, he changed my outlook regarding them, also. I not only love my children, I like them as well, for the individuals they are.

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