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The Floating Zoo
by Bill Shurkey

Back in the days when people were bad
God looked down and it made Him sad.
"I wish they would listen.  I wish someone cared.
"I wish I could find good people somewhere."

God told Noah about His new plan,
How He'd renew all the earth with God-fearing man,
He'd use Noah, his missus and their six kin,
And of course all the animals, who knew no sin.

The Lord told Noah how to build a boat.
He called it an ark, a zoo that would float.
So Noah hammered and sawed and worked away
While his neighbors all came to tease him each day.

Now when the ark was all done, the first cloud rolled in,
And Noah rejoiced with his missus and kin.
Then the family loaded food and got it all stored,
While Noah stood on deck and yelled "all aboard!"

There were monkeys, zebras, ducks and frogs,
Elephants, sheep, tigers and dogs;
Squirrels, hippos, mice and kangaroo,
Giraffes, raccoons and wild turkeys too.

Flying and creeping and crawling they came,
All the wild animals and all the tame.
Every nook and cranny began to fill,
But Noah's list showed there were two missing still.

"Where can they be?" he wondered out loud,
one eye on the road and one on that cloud.
"If they're not here soon, they'll be left behind
and that'll be the end on the earth for their kind."

Then a giraffe in the back shouted "Hark!  Hark!  Hark!
Me thinks they're out there, out in the dark."
All the animals rushed for the railing to gawk,
But no on saw anything, not even the hawk.

"Me still thinks I see them.  Me still thinks I do,"
said the giraffe, with his neck stretched out tight.
"There, down the road, just past that big rock,
me thinks, a little to the right."

The animals all cheered, for they saw them too,
And that sight caused much laughing and talking.
For here came their friends, running lickety-split
On legs made only for walking.

Just in time those critters reached the boat,
For the very next raindrop made it float.
Thank God all were safe, thank God all were sound,
Including the two slow-pokes, once lost but now found.

Sometimes it seems that God will be late,
But He's always on time for those who will wait.
His promises are true, His promises won't fail,
If you don't believe me,
Ask the turtle and the snail.

Both Noah and the missus thanked God in prayer.
He had shown once again that He really did care.
The Lord promised Noah the zoo would not float
Till every last animal was safe on the boat

And it didn't!
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