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Wasn’t it Yesterday?
By Pat Sheets

When I became a parent twenty-three years ago, I was unprepared for many aspects of the job. I had no idea a newborn baby could cry in a pitch that shatters glass. No one ever told me that "toddler" and "hyper-activity disorder" are one in the same. How was I to know that my daughter would need a set of braces that cost more than my first car? Never would I have suspected that my little girl would grow up and become a member of a cult called "teenagers".

The sleepless nights, the money, and the teenage years were all enlightening, but what surprised me most was how quickly my daughter’s childhood passed. I was so caught up in the everyday stresses of parenting that I sometimes forgot to enjoy the experience.

I didn’t realize how wonderful the years had been until her wedding day. Before the sun rose that morning, I crept into her room and watched her sleep. Tears filled my eyes as I remembered her childhood. I prayed that God would somehow take me back to yesterday, when she was just a little girl, so I could live it all again.

God answered my prayer that morning and I kneaded His words into this poem. Perhaps you will remember it the next time your child tries to flush a brick down the toilet or gives the dog a haircut. Perhaps it will remind you that today’s catastrophes are tomorrow’s memories.

Wasn’t it just yesterday
That I heard your first tears,
And wrapped you safe within my arms,
Safe from all your fears.

Wasn’t it just yesterday,
While holding tight my hand
You realized on wobbly legs
You finally could stand?

Wasn’t it just yesterday,
When off to school you fled?
As I kissed your face goodbye,
The heart inside me bled.

Wasn’t it just yesterday
You smiled and said, "I do."
And walked into tomorrow
To start your life anew?

When you had gone, I asked of God,
"Why can’t her childhood stay?"
He answered, "My child, it shall remain
In thoughts of yesterday."
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