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Men football The Quarterback
By Lucian Thompson

The spectators were breathless as they paused to take in the sight before them. The home team had the ball on the one-yard line and it was fourth down with only one second remaining in the game.

The home team was behind in points. A touchdown was needed to win the game. Time out was called.

The defense took this opportunity to bring on their biggest guys to beef up the front line as well as the backfield.

It seemed to the home team that there wasn't even a slim chance they could win. They had lost most of their best players to injuries. The benches looked like a war zone with all the casualties.

The home team quarterback was kneeling on the ground while the rest of his team lay groaning in pain about him. He was battered and totally exhausted from leading his team into battle, play after play. His body exhibited the evidence of his task to lead such a battle. His chest heaved as he tried to take in a deep breath. He slowly arose to his feet and began to rally his team for the final and greatest battle of the game. He knew that everything he and his team had fought for so gallantly depended on this last play.

The team members tried to stumble to their feet. Many fell down, while others complained, "No more, we just can't go any more".

The quarterback didn't have the strength left in his body to drag his team forward. He too was about to fall when a great hush fell over the crowd.

The entire team looked up as a lone figure walked slowly toward them. He was without a uniform and wore only a white robe that was blood-stained. His hands and feet were bare with blood dripping from them. His countenance was that of a bright shining light and on his head was a crown. He walked over to the quarterback and put his arms around him. Through sobbing tears the quarterback began to say how sorry he was, that they were about to falter.

Gently this person, who resembled a lamb, took his face in his hands and said, "Well done my good and faithful servant. You have brought my team this far. I didn't intend for you to go any further on your own. You see, this last yard is reserved for me. I own the team."

Without another word the team owner took his place as quarterback and all the team members sprang to their positions. The defense began to tremble and quake as they noticed the replacement. The signal was given, but the home team was to only watch as the team owner simply said, "It is finished!" Without any of the players moving the team owner carried the ball over the goal line and victory was posted for the home team.

There was a great celebration amongst all the spectators and the home team that day. All the team players were given a new uniform and they attended a great banquet in their honor given by the team owner.

The Spectators are the whole host of Heaven.
The Home Team is the Bride of Christ.
The Defense is Satan and his demons.
The first Quarter Back is the Pastor.
The New Uniforms are our Resurrected Bodies.
The Team Owner is Jesus Christ.
The Victory is ours!
Need I say more?
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