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From the Editor -
Bill Shurkey
The Rhythm of Life
Featured Article
From Our Spirit to Yours
By Bill Shurkey

This is our first issue of the new FaithWriters’ magazine and everyone here is excited! It is an honor to have been chosen as editor for the Rhythm of Life department. We have many talented poets and songwriters in our group and I’m looking forward to introducing you to them over the coming months.

Poetry and songwriting, from that first creative urge, to its composition, to its completion, is a work of the spirit. They are deeper forms of writing than fiction or nonfiction. That's not to belittle other forms of writing because they each have their own uniqueness. All writing, of course, begins with a spiritual tugging from the Lord. Some writers in the wider world of language call it 'getting inspiration' or 'hearing from their muses’. As Christians, we recognize it for what it really is – the still small voice of the Holy Spirit.  Pastors get the 'call’, we writers get the 'nudge’.

After that initial 'nudge', many things begin to happen. The fiction and nonfiction writers expand that nudge into an idea that gels in their souls. It's prayed over, expanded and compartmentalized. The spirit oversees the entire project but the work is done from the body and soul.

Poets and songwriters are different. During the creation process, we seldom leave the realm of the spirit. That's not to say that poetry and songwriting are a higher, more sacred form of writing because they're not. It's a different form of writing designed to accomplish its own special task. What is that task? It's to soar over oceans and mountains, topple language barriers, and leap over denominational lines. It's to speak to the spirit of another with our spirits by the Spirit of the Lord.

Poetry affects us all the same, regardless of the language of the mother tongue. Italian poetry, Czech poetry, French, German, or English, it doesn't matter. The spirit is universal to man. The Holy Spirit is universal to Christians. The same emotions inhabit us all: anger, hope, joy, fear, love. It is no different for songwriting. Take a well-known hymn like "Amazing Grace" or "How Great Thou Art" and sing it in any language. Everyone will recognize it and every spirit will be stirred within. What is a song, after all, but music added to poetry?

The rhythm of life is constant in each of our lives, yet the pattern ever changes. Valleys and mountaintops, mountaintops and valleys; whether spoken or sung, we all take part in the song. Like the wind we can't see it or touch it but we know it's there. We can feel it and that feeling lasts forever. Come along with us then each month for the journey. Take hold of a poem or a song and feel your spirit soar, up, up, up, to touch the face of God.
By Jacky Hughes

I am dancing with my Lord
The grass beneath my feet is green enough
The sun in the sky is shining brightly
Rain can only bring a rainbow
Wind can only blow me closer
To His love
Because I have heard
The spirit whisper
In the depth of my heart
That there is One who loves me
Because I have heard Him call
Inviting me to hold His hand
I have heard Him call
Who invites me to dance
A dance of rejoicing
That the heavens can blaze with glory
That all enemies retreat
This dance of Love
Is worth more than rubies
The blood red of the sun
Shines on His nail pierced palms
As I bow down in the dance
And kiss his nail pierced feet.

Copyright Jacky Hughes July 2004

Jacky Hughes is a talented writer who lives in the United Kingdom. Her desire is to always write to glorify God. Her new CD of poems, 'Stepping Aside From Myself' is available from her website: http://www.realezsites.com