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From the Editor -
Debbie Porter
We are the Church
Featured Article
ChurchWe Are The Church
By Debbie Porter

It was a song that immediately struck a resounding chord within the heart of every member of the congregation. It was lively, vibrant and such an affirmation of who we were, that it very quickly became a favorite.

Unfortunately, as is often the case with those songs that make it to "favorite" status, we just as quickly killed it through over use. However, the fact that we sang it into an early "grave" doesnít for one minute change the powerful, yet simple, truth of its proclamation Ö

"This is the church,
We are the church,
We are the bride of Christ;
The people of God
The light of the world,
Vessels of truth and life."

(This is the Church © Michael Battersby - 2000 Smart Productions)

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By Darlene Hight

Welcome to Churchability! Thank you for coming! We will begin our tour right here in the parking lot.

Hi Bill! Iím showing off your handiwork.

Bill completely redesigned our church from the ground up to make it fully accessible. Right down to the parking lot. Notice, if you will, the extra wide spaces, close to the entrance and on level ground. We wouldnít want those wheelchairs rolling away without a driver.

Every entrance of the church has been redesigned for full accessibility. Of course the ground floor entrance is the most desirable due to its wide entry and large vestibule. However, every entry has well designed ramps with the perfect incline and handrails.

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church This is the House that Christ Built
By Debbie Porter

One of the most challenging writing tasks Iíve ever tackled was the creation of five individual, self-contained stories, each no longer than 50 words. Being someone who likes to waffle on when it comes to writing, I honestly didnít think that it would be possible. So imagine my surprise when "The House that Christ Built" flowed effortlessly into life.

Here are five tiny stories that are acted out every week, all around the world, whenever the church comes together to worship. You may recognize some of the characters; in fact, you may even see yourself as well. (I know Iím there!)

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