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Volume 4, Issue 2 - October 2007

"You have made known to me the path of life;
you will fill me with joy in your presence,
with eternal pleasures at your right hand."

~ Psalm 16:11 NIV ~

Hello and welcome to the October Issue of FaithWriters' Magazine!

I'll admit it. I picked the picture to head my column this month because it simply makes me happy. Who could possibly look at that precious little face and not smile?

New Every Morning
By Betty Castleberry

I take my first cup of coffee out to the patio with me. The first sip burns my tongue slightly, but it is rich and strong and begins the process of waking me.

A hummingbird is visiting the feeder. He is already going about the business of his day. The tiny wings beat so fast, they are nearly invisible.

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There are so many reasons and excuses these days to be downhearted and gloomy, but even in the midst of hard times, there are bright moments to lift our spirits and make our hearts' sing. And even in those very darkest of times, we can have joy-joy in the Lord!

So often it's the simplest of God's gifts that bring us delight. I've found that it isn't usually the big events and extravaganzas that make my heart sing, but rather, it's the most ordinary of things. And I hope this month's issue of FaithWriters' Magazine will be one of your simple pleasures today-starting right here on the front page.

Betty Castleberry has been a FaithWriters friend for a little over a year and very quickly became known for her fun sense of humor. In fact, it was her sense of humor that first caught my eye when I used her article, Dear Edna, in November last year. But Betty is not just a humorist, as our front page featured article this month proves.

If the stresses and strains of life are starting to weigh you down, or if you are overwhelmed with regret for things you did or didn't do yesterday, then I know you will be blessed by Betty's beautiful article, New Every Morning. May you be filled with a sense of God's peace and grace as you read this truly lovely piece.

Following on in a similar theme, don't miss DeAnna Brooks' glorious inspiration in her article, Night's Song, in Take it to Heart. DeAnna has such a way of weaving words together that it carries the reader from thought to thought as though flowing effortlessly along with a river. The final paragraph is a celebration for the spirit. Rejoice!

About five months ago, a brand new lady appeared at FaithWriters, and she quickly settled in and made herself at home. Without fuss or fanfare, Kristen Hester flew up the ranks in the weekly Writing Challenge, and soon became a very popular writer. She's also popular with editors-at least, she is with this one, and I'm sure she will be with many more in the future. Kristen is a delight, and her writing will hit the spot with mothers everywhere. It's my pleasure to introduce Kristen to FaithWriters' Magazine readers with her true story, A Tale of Two Days. If I say anymore, I'll spoil it. So do yourself a favor and read Kristen's story in The Joy of Family. You won't be sorry.

Amber Toews is another very new member of FaithWriters, and she has definitely caught my attention. Her article, Sharing? Yuck! is an excellent mix of wisdom and wit. Add to that her transparent honesty, and I know you'll be very glad to welcome Amber into the FaithWriters' Magazine family.

Don't you just love being with encouraging people? They really are such precious gifts from God, and Dixie Phillips definitely fits that category. She always has something uplifting to say, and always seems to say it at just the right time. I believe the testimony of her son's birth and battle for life, A Fighting Chance, in Ascribe Greatness this month will pour encouragement into every reader's heart. It certainly left me praising God for His amazing grace and love.

I feel a bit silly saying this, but believe it or not, one of my favorite sections in FaithWriters' Magazine is Just Between Men. Even though I haven't got a "tomboy" bone in my body, I always find the articles in this section quite refreshing-and this month's is no exception. Dan Blankenship is a longtime friend of FaithWriters, and I had the pleasure of finally meeting him at the FaithWriters Conference in August. I've used Dan's work in the past in FaithWriters' Magazine, and it really is a joy to be able to use one of his stories again this month. The Voice of Reason and Salvation is a very special reminder that God's grace and forgiveness are always close by-even when we think we've fallen far away.

They say that one of the hardest transitions many women have to make is the adjustment to having an "empty nest." After years of nurturing and caring for her chicks, this time of transition can be very hard for a mother, particularly if she has built her entire sense of purpose around that role. In her article, Filling the Empty Nest, Jacquelyn Horne has some great advice to help make the most of those post-parenting years. If you are going through those empty nest blues, then this article is just what you need.

After reading Jacquelyn's article in A Woman's World, take a moment to enjoy Cassie Memmer's poem, A Woman's Toolbox. Ladies, this is for all of us who have ever carried everything for everyone over our shoulders. What would we do without our handbags?

I think it would be fair to say that Jerry Lane has been through a tragic year, with the death of his younger brother and mother within months of each other. Jerry's article, Goodbye, in our Light in the Darkness section does not try to brush over the grief and questions that come when our loved ones die suddenly; however, it is a reminder to each of us to live out our love while those we love are with us. Our prayers are with Jerry and his family during this time of loss.

Should we ever "test" God? Elizabeth Marks asks that question, and then finds the answer from examples in scripture. Her article, Try Me, may cause you to look to God in new ways when seeking His direction. If you are going through a time of uncertainty, Elizabeth's message may just be A Word in Season for you.

Finally, we have another FaithWriters' Gold Seal book review for you in our Well Read section. This month's review is of Anthony G. Bollback's historical novel, Red Runs the River. If you enjoy the review, then I am sure you will enjoy this quite epic book.

Well, that's this month's issue of FaithWriters' Magazine. But if you should happen to run out of reading before November arrives, why not take a visit to the Archives and enjoy three years' worth of great articles--you won't be disappointed.

So until next time, God bless, happy reading ... and remember to take time to enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

Deb Porter
Editor, FaithWriters' Magazine