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Taking His Name
By Thomas Meyer

A few years ago, my wife and I walked into an office where we knew the receptionist well, so I jokingly announced: "Mr. and Mrs. Meyer." In that instant, I received an insight I had not recognized in my then, eighteen years of marriage: she took my name. That thought stuck in my mind for days. It was like a neon sign flashing continuously-"she took my name; she took my name."

As I dwelled on this fact, I realized how blessed I was that this wonderful woman of God had chosen to take my name. Then the thought changed to: "I am so proud she took my name."

As a writer, I have found when God gives me a revelation, I need to pray and seek Him to see what He wants me to learn so I can relay it to others. So I started praying and meditating on the thought-so proud you took my name.

As the days went by, I came to realize that the moment my wife said, "I do," she was no longer Yolanda Perez; she was Yolanda Meyer. By an act of her own free will she chose to walk out of the identity that she had carried for years, to assume the new identity of Mrs. Thomas R. Meyer. At that same moment, she became an extension of me, and everything she did from that time on was a reflection on me and my household because she had taken my name.

When this all came into focus, I was greatly honored, and at the same time very humbled that she had chosen to marry me and assume a new identity. I sat down with my wife and shared my feelings with her, telling her, "I am so proud you took my name."

Well as nice as all of this is, it is not the end of the story. A few days later I was driving down the street when God gave me further revelation concerning assuming a new identity. He showed me that becoming a Christian is the same as a marriage relationship. People choose to become Christians by an act of their own free will. From the moment we say "yes" to Christ, we are a part of the bride of Christ. Just as my wife did when she married me, the Bride of Christ takes on a new identity by assuming the name of her groom. When we become Christians, we are taking the name of Christ as our own.

From that moment on, everything we do is a reflection on our groom, or Jesus Christ, and since we are all a part of the Bride of Christ, a reflection on all Christianity. We need to drop our old identity, or sin nature, and assume our new identity, or Christ-like nature, so that others may see Christ in us and through us. We must always remember whose name we carry and strive to make Him proud of us.

In the parable of the talents in the twenty-fifth chapter of Matthew, Jesus relates the relationship of the faithful servant to the Kingdom of Heaven. He tells the story of three servants entrusted with talents, or money, belonging to their master. The first two invested wisely, increased the talents, and were honored by their master. The faithful Christian, carrying the name of Christ and bearing witness of his master, will be honored in the same way as these two servants.

In verse 23, Jesus speaks the words that all Christians trust they will hear: "Well done, good and faithful servant …enter thou into the joy of thy Lord."

I think we may also hear, "I am so proud you took my name."
Thomas R. Meyer is Founder and President of Guiding Light Gospel Productions, Inc. in Miami, Florida. He has written the musical dramas, 'The Unbeliever' and 'Resurrection Morning,' along with the screenplay, 'Everything I've Dreamed Of.' In addition, he has written numerous songs and poems, and co-authored the college textbook, 'Hazardous Materials - Control and Response.' Tom has written for 'Christian Higher Education Today Magazine,' 'The Christian Minister,' and 'The Trumpeter Magazine.' He presently serves as television director for Wayne Cochran Ministries. Thomas has been married to Yolanda, 'Yolie' for short, for 29 years in December, and they have six children and seven grandchildren. Thomas and Yolanda attend Voice For Jesus Family Church. If you would like to contact Thomas, you can do so through the Letters page of this magazine.