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I Am Ekklesia
By Barbie Jones

I Am Ekklesia, called out and set apart

Yes, I am the church, what does my name mean to you?

I Am Ekklesia, so fragmented by denominations and religions

How did I end up on this path and what shall I do?

My brothers and my sisters, you must listen to me

Children of my heart, you must help me break free

Aborted ministries and missions, my children, so lost and confused

I am the church--Oh my beloved, I'm being battered and abused

I'm pampered with concerts, cruises and fests

Annual banquets and picnics in the parks

You are entertaining me to death

Where are my revivals, tent meetings, and all night prayer?

Where are the souls that I long for?

Those destined for that great day--to meet me in the air

I am the church, and you are a part of me

Awake from sleep, yes, open your eyes

Purpose weeps from the altar, ignore this world's seductive lies

Her lamentations are reverberating in this dark and sinful world

Schisms, factions and favoritism are not part of the Master's plan

Racism, hatred and perversity must stop! Now is the time for it all to end

My purposefulness has been delayed, but cannot be denied

I am Ekklesia, the bride of Christ, and I shall Arise.

Barbie Jones is the mother of two daughters, and grandmother two grandsons. She is an ordained minister and psalmist who worked in children's ministry for five years, women's ministry for fifteen years, and was a Sunday School teacher for over twenty years. Barbie says that teaching Sunday School is her passion. She has a bachelor's degree in Theological Studies from Jacksonville Theological Seminary. Her love for writing was birthed at the age of eight when she wrote her first poem. If you would like to write to Barbie, you can do so through the Letters page of this magazine.