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My Story
By Cheryl Thompson

Iíve got a little story that
Iíd like for you to hear;
A story of deliverance
From bitterness and fear.

At one time I was lost in sin
And bound by grief and shame;
Confined to suffer silently
Imprisoned by my pain.

My eyes were blinded from the Truth
My heart was dark and cold;
I couldnít see the Light of Love
With memories of old.

But then I cried out through my pain
Please come and rescue me;
And for the first time in my life
My eyes began to see.

That circumstance and life itself
Was not as God had planned;
But He could make things beautiful
Through time and desert sand.

He led me through the darkest nights
And through the valley low;
I learned how deep the weeds and tares
My enemy had sowed.

His patience taught me how to trust
And with His guidance walk;
To use His strength instead of mine
And listen when He talks.

And through each lesson I have learned
The healingís been applied;
To every wound of suffering
His Truth replaced the lies.

And bitterness has lost its place
Within this heart of mine;
Its poison cannot keep me bound
Nor in its walls confine.

And Perfect Love cast fear aside
No longer free to roam;
The Precious Blood of Jesus Christ
Has brought this wanderer home.

Yes, once this life was full of sin
When darkness filled my soul;
But Jesus came and rescued me
And made the broken, whole.

My story doesnít have an end
For life continues on;
Until I hear the trumpet sound
The Day new life will dawn.

Cheryl Thompson has been a single mother to Trey, Charlie and Brett since 1989. Through the trials of her childhood and the struggles of single parenthood, Cheryl has learned the importance of a heart attitude toward life and God, and the impact that attitude has on an individualís soul. She has a passion for the hurting, wounded and bleeding Bride of Christ. Through her personal knowledge of the Compassion of Christ, Cheryl relays the message of Hope, healing and freedom to those who are imprisoned in the past. Her first book, "Whispers from My Heart" is in the process of being published. You can write to Cheryl through the Letters page of this Magazine.