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From the Editor -
Diane Exner
A Woman's World
Featured Article
Thoughts of Thanksgiving
By Diane Exner

This month I chose the theme of 'thankfulness' and 'thanksgiving' for A Woman’s World. Being a Canadian writer, I wanted to honor both God and my country, by briefly sharing a bit of history with you. Of course, with a woman's touch added for good measure.

In October, Canadians celebrate a National Holiday, called "Thanksgiving". As with all holidays, there are many possible origins and a discrepancy as to the original dates of celebration. In my quest to find out why we celebrate Thanksgiving, there have been a few constant facts, as well as a few noted influences of its origin.

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Ah, Nebraska
By Teresa Lee Rainey

March began a season of change for my family. We were very thankful for the fabulous new job my husband, John, had just accepted. The excitement we felt made moving from Florida to Nebraska an exciting adventure. The snowdrifts we arrived in, reminded me of home. Gazing through the window at the snow, reminded me of the gorgeous, white sand dunes of the Gulf of Mexico.

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MomsCured of S-M-I
By Lynda Schab

I wasn't feeling very thankful. In fact, I was annoyed with my husband, who obviously woke up on the wrong side of the bed. He was grumpy and irritable and blamed his dour mood on allergies. Whatever! My kids had been bickering back and forth all morning, with my daughter twice ending up in tears. The house looked like a tornado had touched down, miraculously demolishing everything inside while leaving the frame in tact. I didn't have anything to wear - my only pair of nylons had a run in them, and all of my pants were in the ironing pile. On top of that, I had the longest, loudest freight train in history, running through my head.

Ugh! Sickness was running rampant through our house. The same sickness we'd battled many times in the past - S-M-I: "Sunday-Morning-Itis."

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Photography by Photography by A. Carlos Herrera.