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From the Editor -
Dian Moore
'Tis the Season
Featured Article
‘Tis the Season for Smiles, Appreciation, Fun and Thanksgiving
By Dian Moore

Mark your calendars everyone! October is full of celebration and recognition, smiles and fun.

In the United States, apples, kind acts, appreciation and making a difference abound. Worldwide celebrations concentrate on fun and smiles and the Jewish Festival of Booths (Sukkot). Germany and Canada give thanks for the harvest. Argentina and India honor their nations’ Mothers, while Australians recognize their country’s workers.

National Clergy Appreciation Month began in 1993 in the U.S. to recognize ministers on the second Sunday of October. Congregations around the world might want to start their own Clergy Appreciation time.

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Apple Baskets for Everyone!
By Karen Treharne

When we speak a word of encouragement, comfort or instruction at just the right moment in time, it can be as sweet to the soul and as nourishing to the heart as a gift of golden, delicious apples to both the giver and the receiver.

There are tart apples, sweet apples, crunchy and juicy apples. There are pie apples, eating apples, bobbing and drying apples. God loves variety and that's why He created you and me, similar in some ways but very different in others.

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Missionary Moment
By Marina Rojas

I think we all sit in church with big grins on our faces when someone brings in a missionary to speak to us. We all "oooh" and "aaaah" over the stories of the hard life they live in order to serve God.

Don't we all just dream of the opportunity to run out into the middle of nowhere, among people who would like very much for us to go away, and be persecuted for God’s holy mission?


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