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From the Editor -
Bill Shurkey
Featured Poems
lifeFighting the Good Fight
By Bill Shurkey

Before I became a Christian over 30 years ago, I used to think life could be divided into two equal halves. These two halves were easily distinguishable, I thought, by where our money was going. I looked at people in various age categories and that seemed to prove my theory. What was my theory? It was really quite simple. We were living the first half of our lives if the government was still taking all our money; and we had slipped into the second half if the doctors were getting it all!

After becoming a Christian, however, I soon realized that life was a little more complex than that. It had a pattern, a certain rhythm. Life had a purpose. Trials and tribulations are a part of that purpose, a natural part of the rhythm of life. We must spend time in the valley doing spiritual warfare to strengthen us so that we can climb the next mountain on our journey home. Without the valley, there can be no mountain; yet after every mountain there will always be another valley, another battle to fight.

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An Army on the Move
By Melanie Kerr

I hear the noise around me
It's a clicking kind of sound
From shields of faith being taken
And lifted from the ground
We soldiers stand together
Our shields - a solid wall
Satan's darts can't penetrate
Or cause us harm at all.

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Fighting for the Son
By Kay Brown

I've just come from the battle; I've been wounded in the war.
My heart is bleeding badly and my soul can take no more.
The dark enemy ferocious is gaining ground tonight.
His minions circle madly thinking they have won this fight.

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Featured Poem

lifeBlade of Honest Point
By Stephen Michael Mishler

To pierce the darkness
it shines a mighty light,
and sends the creature crawling
away into the night.

The blade of honest point
in the hands that hold,
cuts the gripping chains
upon your heart and soul.

To rise up
first upon one knee,
then to stand
in the presence of thee

Steve Mishler has written over four hundred poems and has published a book, Attitude Like Wings: A Journey. He is currently a featured writer for Looking Up Magazine. Steve lives in Fort Wayne, Indiana with his wife and son. You can visit him at www.AttitudeLikeWings.com