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An Army on the Move
By Melanie Kerr

I hear the noise around me
It's a clicking kind of sound
From shields of faith being taken
And lifted from the ground
We soldiers stand together
Our shields - a solid wall
Satan's darts can't penetrate
Or cause us harm at all.

Our belt of truth is buckled
Not rusty or worn through
We know what God has spoken
Discerning what's not true
Our hearts are well-protected
The breastplate is in place
Our righteousness is God's alone
We need feel no disgrace.

Our feet are always ready
To take God's gift of grace
Holding out His words of life
To a dying, fallen race
The helmet of Salvation
Like a crown upon our head
Fixes our thoughts on victory
Not on defeat instead.

The word of God is wielded
Like a sword that is in our hand
Striking at the enemy
As we boldly make our stand
Our prayers soaked in the Spirit
Rise to Jesus' throne
The shouts, the sighs, the whispers
Touch God's heart alone.

The day of evil's coming
And we must stand our ground
Let's put on God's full armor
Let's listen for that sound
The sound of heaven's army
Gathered for a fight
The banner raised, unfurled
An awesome and glorious sight.

Melanie Kerr is a high school teacher. She lives with her husband a few miles down the road from the Loch Ness Monster. Melanie is involved in her local church, preaching, leading worship and looking after waifs and strays. You may reach her at meljkerr@hotmail.com.

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