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"Be exalted, O God, above the heavens; let your glory be over all the earth." Psalm 57:5 NIV

Hello and welcome to the October issue of FaithWritersí Magazine Ė still the freshest and brightest Christian magazine on the internet.

We were "buzzing" for days after the launch of the first issue last month and the feedback we received from you, our readers, was such an encouragement. But, at the end of the day, we are always very aware of the fact that itís God who is leading the way and making this magazine possible. So to Him be all the glory!

Well, here we are in October Ė almost at the end of another year. I donít know about you, but I find that almost impossible to believe. The time has gone by so very fast!

ABILITY Ė Itís Only Half the Equation
By Violet Nesdoly

Youíre sure you have the ability to be a great wife, but the right man just hasnít come along. You dream of being a leader, but with no followers, those dreams are a mockery. You have entrepreneurial ideas and are sure you have the ability to be a business success, but nothing youíve tried has ever caught on.

As Christians we want to realize the destiny for which God has placed us on earth. And so we ask, doesnít it make sense that God would use the abilities Heís given us to accomplish this? Yet so often it seems God and circumstances conspire to keep those abilities under wraps.

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For those in the northern hemisphere, this is a time of softer, cooler days and vibrant colors as nature displays the wonder of Godís autumn design. For those in the southern hemisphere, October is a time of warmer days, balmy nights, exploding gardens and gentle rains. So whichever side of the Globe you happen to be on, this is truly a beautiful time of year, created to be a delight to the soul and enjoyed to the full.

And youíll find plenty to enjoy in FaithWritersí Magazine this month as well. Here are just some of the things waiting for you inside Ö

October always raises that rather contentious dilemma for Christian parents regarding that very last night of the month. So to help you out, we have two articles in this issue that deal with Halloween from a Christian point of view. First of all, thereís the "We Are the Church" article, "We Bring the Holy Ghost", which offers some great alternatives for the 31st. Then you can head on over to our ĎTis the Season Department for an inspiring challenge to all families to consider turning this one night into a "Missionary Moment". The opportunity to evangelize really is right on our doorsteps.

Have you ever had a dose of S-M-I? Well, you may not have realized it at the time, but chances are that you probably have had it at some point in your life. I know Iíve definitely been infected with it on the odd occasion. For a light-hearted look at this common malady, make sure you read Lynda Schabís "Cured of S-M-I" in A Womanís World.

Lucian Thompson has one of those "ouch" messages in his article, "Donít Mess With Mr. In-Between". Itís a word in season that should help to stir us up out of any luke-warm ho-hums.

If you enjoy Frank Peretti, then I think youíll enjoy Annette Agnelloís story, "Angelic Guard." It certainly had my attention to the very end and is such a great reminder that our battle isnít against flesh and blood Ė even when it may appear that way.

Although Iíve been using a computer for many years now and have been on-line for five, Iím still discovering just how much I really donít know! Believe it or not, it was years before I actually learned how to save a file to a floppy disk! I not only didnít know how to do it, but I didnít have anyone to ask.

Well, Iím a little more knowledgeable now, but the memory of those early "newbie" days has made me all the more excited about our brand new department, Cyber Walk. From very basic right through to the big step of building your own website, this Department will give you practical information on a monthly basis, as well as helping to unravel some of the mysteries of this piece of equipment thatís become such a big part of our lives. This month, the Cyber Walk Editor, Patricia Ouellette, is focusing on the basics of protection Ė something that none of us can afford to ignore.

And donít forget Ö we love to hear from you! So make sure you stop by the Letter Page and drop us a line. Thereís a prize for the Star Letter each month.

Thatís just the smallest preview of what youíll find inside FaithWritersí Magazine this month. With even more articles, as well as a brand new department, I know youíre in for a great month of reading.

Until next time, may God bless you and your loved ones every day and in every way!

Deb Porter