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From the Editor -
Corinne Smelker
Heaven Bound
Featured Story
By Corinne Smelker

"Honey. Can I ask you for something?"

"Sure, as long as itís not money!"

"Silly! But seriously, I have been praying and I believe God wants me to go to an orphanage and help, to bring in food, blankets and aid. Do you think this is something our church can get behind?"

So began a conversation that had international ramifications. Her husband, Pastor Ted, gave his blessing, on one condition Ė that she find the worst orphanage in Johannesburg, South Africa, to assist.

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By Annette C. Agnello

The day started with the division commander's announcement, "You have a new assignment, grab your sword and report to Obed downstairs."

"Downstairs, sir," Jay cried in excitement, "To Earth, sir!"

Jay had always wanted an assignment to Earth then it hit him, "A sword, sir? Armed combat?"

"Yes. Armed." The commander chuckled, little wonder this one was kept heaven-side.

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HeavenMiles of Prayer
By Brenda K. Blakely

The call came early in the morning. "If you want to see your brother alive you better get up here."

Right after noon we were able to "roll out", driving hard to cover the 700 or so miles between my Mississippi home and†North Carolina. My task was clear; make sure he knows Jesus as his Savior. My journey consisted of miles of praying, Lord please donít take him until I know that he knows you.

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