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From the Editor -
Marina Rojas
Take it to Heart
Featured Article
Take to heart October Anticipation
By Marina Rojas


Just the sound of the word brings a glorious world of color to mind. Fall leaves in every hue imaginable are decorating trees far and wide. Burnished red descendants of Johnny Appleseed seem to wink invitingly from underneath the sturdy tree branches when a slight breeze stirs them to movement. Golden ears of corn lined up in soldier-straight rows wave at passer-bys. Bright orange pumpkins sit hugged by emerald tendrils waiting for the exact moment when someone will lovingly hoist them from the damp earth.

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A Season of Change
By Mary Elder-Criss

It is fall in the hills of West Virginia, my favorite time of year. I love the crispness of an autumn morning, and all that it entails. The mountains have all begun to don their cheerful patchwork quilts of multiple colors and the clouds hover low to kiss their peaks. It is a season of celebration, one of harvest, in which we reap what has been sowed. Yet, it is also a season of preparation, for readying oneself for what lies ahead. Most of all, however, it is a season of change.

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Take to heart Lame Brain Excuses
By Shirley Sue Shields

I often think that God must have a wonderful sense of humor, although I know this isnít often how we think of the Creator in general.

When I was a child I actually thought He was up in heaven just waiting to strike out at us when we messed up in some area. I guess that was from all the "Billy Sunday brimstone and hellfire" type sermons I heard from the pulpit back then.

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