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Lame Brain Excuses
By Shirley Sue Shields

I often think that God must have a wonderful sense of humor, although I know this isnít often how we think of the Creator in general.

When I was a child I actually thought He was up in heaven just waiting to strike out at us when we messed up in some area. I guess that was from all the "Billy Sunday brimstone and hellfire" type sermons I heard from the pulpit back then.

However, the One who made us is well aware that we are just clay vessels waiting to be formed by the love of the Potter. He is all powerful and desires that we see that He loves each of us enough to die for us. (John 3:16)

It is pretty foolish for us to try and instruct the Potter on His course of action in our daily lives, but that is exactly what we have a tendency to do. Of course we never think of it that way, we just deceive ourselves into thinking that there are some areas where we have complete control Ö maybe?

It has always been much easier for us to make excuses to God for our actions rather than accepting responsibility and acknowledging our need for the Lordís guidance in every area of our lives. In certain areas we may feel as though we can do all the controlling, but itís through these "lame brain" thoughts that we allow an opening for Satan to attach some form of bondage to our lives.

I call these excuses "lame brain" because they are really quite foolish and yet, so many of us use them as a reason for doing or not doing certain things.

This perplexing dilemma is something we face daily and has come quite naturally since our first parents in the garden passed down the art of always trying to blame someone or something else for why or how we do things in our life. Eve blamed the serpent for deceiving her, and Adam blamed it on the woman God had given him as a helpmate (Ref. Gen.3:9-13). Thousands of years later the "lame brain" excuses are still with us.

When my children were growing up, I would often be amazed at their efforts to cover up or make some excuse for doing something they knew better than to do (like mom was born yesterday and didnít know any of their tricks). If you have children, you are aware of the many schemes they can think of in an effort to get you to forgive an offense theyíve committed Ė when all the time you know that they know they shouldnít have done it in the first place.

Instead of the "lame brain" excuses they come up with, all they ever really need to do is apologize (repent) and ask for forgiveness for not obeying us to begin with. But making "lame brain" excuses just comes naturally.

I often visualize God softly smiling in amusement at us, His children, and our own futile attempts to manipulate Him into accepting one of our lame brain excuses as well.

A few years back I was making various excuses for not being able to learn all the modern technologies of the day. Then I felt the Lord impressing on me to write and publish a book Ė but it didnít take long before I found out that typewritten manuscripts were passť, since everyone was now using computers to do everything. My excuses for avoiding technology were actually blocking me from doing what I believed God wanted me to do.

I had used computers when I was still in the workforce, but had only learned the necessary program used by the company. About that time I had purchased a little email machine for the purpose of keeping updated with family news (and saving on long distance phone charges).

At one of my lowest points, when I was feeling totally overwhelmed in my attempt to learn all the instructions to make use of this modern technology, I received a cute little article (via email of course). It was a letter supposedly from Moses addressed to God. Moses was asking Him to allow him to return back to using the simple clay tablets they had started out with, instead of using the computer with all of the strange things that didnít make much sense to him.

After much patience on the Lordís part in trying to teach and encourage Moses in the use of this new technology, He finally gave in and allowed Moses to get out his clay tablets again for all their communications.

Needless to say I related completely to the story and even told the Lord that was exactly how I felt with what He had called me to do.

About a year later, I received a desktop computer as a gift and found that I actually enjoyed doing research via this modern technology. Gradually I even found out how simple it was to write on the computer, saving the need for tons of paper and white-out (for all those needed corrections). Soon, I was hooked on the computerís many conveniences.

Thatís when the Lord impressed on me the need to get back to sharing the written word again. Fortunately for me, the Lord hadnít bought any of my "lame brain" excuses about not being able to learn the computerís ways and had even sent many helpers along my path to guide me. The patience of Job is nothing compared to the patience and mercy shown to me by the Lord over these many years.

His desire is that we, as His children, continue to grow in faith and trust in His abilities to bring His purposes to life. I may never become a computer savvy tech-guru, but that isnít what He has called me to do. He only wants me (and you) to be willing to obey His call Ė the rest is up to Him.

So the next time you want to make an excuse for why you canít do something or why you donít want to change something in your life, be sure not to use the "lame brain" excuse of being too old. God wonít buy it Ė take it from someone who knows!
Shirley "Sue" Shields is an old fashioned country lady who loves to share God's love with others. Sue has spent the last six years as the sole care taker for both of her parents until they made it back to His garden. She wrote a book during this period of walking their last miles and coping with their final struggles, called God's Garden on Earth, and His Desire for us to return to His new Garden that He has prepared for us.

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