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From the Editor -
Karen Treharne
The Joy of Family
Featured Article
As autumn's golden yield
Fills my heart with cheer,
The harvest of a happy heart
Is my reward for one more year.

Family Legacy
by Karen Treharne

We drove into the parking area of the fifth nursing home facility we'd visited so far.  It was late Saturday afternoon on a surprisingly warm April day, and we were all discouraged from what was proving to be an unrewarding search for a suitable place.

My 84-year-old mother had recently been told by her heart specialist that she could no longer live by herself.  We begged and pleaded with her to let us care for her, but she was stubborn and determined.  "I will not be a burden to your family, and that's final." 

That's when the hunt began.

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Awakening Appreciation
By Kenny Paul Clarkson

There was a jilt.

Jan instinctively grabbed his drink but let the peanuts fall. There was nothing to see outside but a flashing red light on the end of the wing — and the occasional burst of lightening.

Strange, he thought, seeing lightening glow in the clouds below.

He crossed his feet, rested his head and closed his eyes. Tight.

A toddler was crying in the back of the plane. A man across the aisle complained. That bothered Jan. Doesn’t that guy remember being a kid? The thought angered him, but his stoic expression revealed nothing.

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Realignment of the Heart
By Lynne Gaunt

Since moving to this remote community about a year ago, our daily life has changed dramatically. There are no malls within a hundred mile radius of our town, much to the dismay of my teenaged daughters. In fact, most of the conveniences we used to take for granted, now require careful planning. A trip to the mall or to gymnastics that used to take ten minutes has become a two-and-a-half hour trek over a mountain pass that's often snowy and treacherous.

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