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From the Editor -
Patricia Ouellette
Cyber Walk
Featured Article
Time to Get on the Defense
By Patricia Ouellette

The Internet has opened up a whole new world for millions of people everywhere and it has become a powerful tool for the servants of Christ.  Everyday there are many lives being saved in Jesus' name through the millions of Internet ministries that are now available.  Praise God for the Internet and the power that God's Sword of Truth is wielding through the Information Super Highway.

However, as every door opens for the truth, Satan is also there, using the lost to wield his malice. In recent times, the number of attacks on Christian sites has increased to an alarming level. It is time for us to get on the defense; time to fight the fires of evil and the first place to start this defense on the Internet is to build up our own defenses.

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I Almost Got Spoofed!
By Lynda Schab

There it was. A message from eBay saying my account was going to be canceled, because someone had recently tried using my name illegally on the eBay website. Unless I clicked on the link and reentered my user name and password, my account would be canceled within forty-eight hours. Better hurry!

I clicked on the link and the sign-in screen popped up. It winked at me, silently pleading me to enter my information. But something made me hesitate. I sat, staring at the screen for a few moments. It looked legitimate, just like the normal eBay sign-on screen.

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Site of the Month
Christian Media Inc. - Glenn Haskall

The website for Christian Media Inc. was designed to be a clearing house for inspiration and ministry tools. The site features the archives of six email services and a page for free sign up to all services provided. Whether it is original poetry, drama, photography or devotional thought, the hope is that visitors will leave encouraged and equipped.

Software of the Month

AVG Anti-Virus Program - Grisoft

Free Anti-Virus software available for download. Excellent software, extremely user friendly, live automatic updates, automatically scans in the background, scans emails in and out as well as all web sites, software and documents. This program does not contain a firewall. The AVG Anti-Virus program was voted 'Best Anti-Virus Protection' on the web.