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From the Editor -
Debbie Porter
We are the Church
Featured Article
ChurchFirst Impressions Last the Longest
By Debbie Porter

The final countdown was on and my seventeen-year-old son, Matthew, was growing more excited by the minute. The next morning he would be on his way to the Snowy Mountains for the annual Year 9 and 10 school camp – and he couldn’t wait.

His experience the previous year had left him eager to get back on the slopes again so that he and his friend, Joshua, could do some more "extreme" tobogganing. The fact that everyone else had opted for either skiing or snowboarding, didn’t deter the two tobogganers at all. They knew where the real action was.

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We Bring the Holy Ghost
By Lucian Thompson and Debbie Porter

Over the years, Halloween has become an eagerly anticipated annual event for children and adults alike, particularly in North America. October has become the season for dressing up as witches, goblins and ghosts, as well as celebrating the macabre and horrifying. However, more and more Christians are now asking the question, "Should we be encouraging our children to participate in this way?"

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church Having Church
By Angie Ragg

Her life was not what she had hoped.
She was lost and all alone.
She had lived a life of emptiness.
Despair and pain was all she’d known.

She was searching for a place
To feel accepted and secure.
She saw a vision of a cross
And heard a whisper in her ear.

With her child in her arms
She went to church that next Sunday.
She wore tattered clothes and shoes
And sat in front to hear them pray.

Nobody would sit by her.
They seemed disturbed that she was there.
They turned away when she would look at them.
She thought someone here would care.

They were all too busy "having church"
To notice this lost soul.
Selfishness and fear gripped them.
They wouldn’t let God have control.

Her heart was open to the truth
Instead, she left with heaviness.
"I guess God is not the answer."
She sighed, with added loneliness.

How many times has this happened
And you didn’t care to notice it?
Aren’t we called to show our brethren
Who we are, by His Spirit?

Don’t get so caught up "having church"
That you somehow forget to tell
About the love and mercy you’ve received
Lest someone be lost to hell.

© A. Ragg 2001
Angie Ragg has three children, lives in Missouri and has been serving the Lord for 27 years. Angie is the first to admit that many of those years her service was half-hearted, but is just as quick to say that even so, God has always been faithful to her. The desire of Angie’s heart is to write many books, short stories and poetry – and rock the world for Jesus!