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Harvest Time
By Jan Ross

Harvest time is here again
I love this time of year
Farmers gath'ring ripened fields
As hunters track the deer.

Pumpkins, gourds, and shocks of corn
With hardy mums appear
Making fall a special time
As winter's cold draws near.

Leaves of gold, of red and brown
God's artistry displayed
Glist'ning in the morning dew
Such beauty He has made.

Raking leaves on windy days
The fall chill in the air
Apple cider, pumpkin pie
There's always some to share.

Thankful people gather round
And bow their heads in prayer
"Lord we thank Thee, for our bread,
To Thee, none can compare."

God has blessed us with His love
Each heart He will pursue
Harvest time reminds us that
With death comes life brand new.

JAN ROSS is a writer, musician and ordained minister. She has a burning passion for building and strengthening women through teaching, personal ministry, and speaking, both at home and on the mission field. Jan is President of Heart of God International Ministries. (http://heartofgodinternational.com) If you would like to write to Jan, you can do so through the Letters page of this magazine.

Thanksgiving Turkey
By Clarence "Sonny" White

Old Tom is not his usual self
With Thanksgiving drawing near
He'll probably try to fly the coop,
At least that's what I hear.

Now he don't strut and carry on
When he's around the hens,
Maybe Tom's just getting old
And is just an old has-been.

Why, 'twas only 'bout two years ago
He'd strut up and down the street.
Uh, that's when he was half this size,
Not big enough to eat.

Tonight, before I chopped firewood,
As I sharpened up my ax,
Old Tom took off like a scalded dog,
Without ever looking back

As he sped off into the sunset
I stared in disbelief
At a sign he'd tied around his rear.
The sign read: "EAT MORE BEEF."

CLARENCE "SONNY' WHITE was born in Covington, Tennessee moving to Illinois at the age of 17. He has written Poetry and songs as long as he can remember. Sonny is A born again Christian and likes to write Poetry and songs to help spread Gods word..