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A Letter to Grandma
By Dorothy Purge

October 15, 1962

Wicky Wacky District

St. Paul

At Home

My Dear Granny Pearl,

I am so glad that Aunty Jean has lent me her fountain pen so that I can write to you, as I did not want to use my pencil.

Granny, I hope your knees don't hurt too much, and I miss you very much. Aunty Jean is very nice, and I like staying with her. She bought me a new dress and a pair of white shoes so I can go to Sunday School every Sunday.

Please remember that next week is my birthday. I will be nine years old. It is so sad that Mom and Dad will not be here to hug and kiss me, but I know they are looking down from Heaven all the time and smiling with me.

Sunday School is a nice place to go to. Aunty Jean took me last week, and the week before. The teacher is big and fat and she wears a broad black hat with a red feather and a pair of speckticles. I don't know if that is how to spell that word, but you will know what I mean. It is a big word.

The name of the teacher is Miss Graham. She teaches us about God and Heaven. She told us that God has the whole world in His hand and I imagine God built a great big wall around us to protect us while He holds us.
We sing about the walls of Jerico, and you know what Granny? I think there is a big wall around our Sunday School too. It is just that we cannot see it. I know you always say that I like to imagine things, but this is true. I feel very safe when at Sunday School. God must have built this great, big wall to protect all the little children when we are there. I hope it is as strong as the walls of Jerico, or even stronger. I feel that the walls will keep the devil out.

Sunday School is quiet and I can sit and listen. It is not like regular school where the children are noisy. God built this quiet place so that boys and girls can learn to listen.

Everyone is dressed up, except Rufus, who wears his school trousers and shirt, and he does not have any shoes. But he is nice. He brings plums for us in his pockets and gives them to us after Sunday School. Miss Graham is teaching him to read. He can even repeat a text from the Bible, and he learnt it all by himself.

I study my text too, but the one about "Jesus Wept" makes me feel sad. I forgot who made Jesus cry, but I will write and tell you when I remember.

We sit very close to each other on the two benches. Sometimes we fall off, but we feel warm when outside is cold. Sunday school makes us feel loving, and good and kind. Miss Graham teaches us to pray and we must close our eyes. When I close my eyes I can see the wall better and I am always the last to open my eyes.

No one gets a spanking at Sunday School, and every time we go outside I look at the wall around us. No one else can see it, but I know it is there and I hope it will never break down.

The teacher gives us some pretty things to mark our Bibles. I am sending this pretty one for you. It says: "God Loves Me."

Please hurry and write back to me, Granny.

I am,

Your pretty, little gran daughter, Ruth.

Not finished yet: The Sunday School teacher said that for next class we should tell her what we imagine Heaven is like. I think Heaven is like one big Sunday School with a wall around it, and Jesus is the teacher.
DOROTHY PURGE is a loving Christian woman who enjoys writing, especially stories for children. Recently, she has added photography to complement her writing. She is enjoying this activity and believes that sunrise and sunset are among the most beautiful times of day, and that God paints the sun in different shades to remind us to thank Him in the morning and in the evening. If you would like to write to Dorothy, you can do so through the Letters page of this magazine.