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MomsHow Amazingly Human We Are
By Dan Blankenship

Okay, unless you refuse all media sources as repugnant and useless, you have probably heard by now that Mel Gibson was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. The story saturated the media for days, and I have to wonder if people realize the important aspect of this story is that fame, fortune and success do not make a person immune from diminishing back to the curse of being a fallen human. Our walk with Christ is never immune to attack and discouragement. Satan is more than happy to offer temptation, insecurity and doubt as proven strategies to counteract the saving Gospel of the Savior from Nazareth.

I do not know Mel Gibson personally, but I have watched his career for a long time. I consider him to be one of the most intelligent men in the entertainment business. He has had many hit movies, and most of these hit movies have been the result of his hard work and commitment to his chosen trade. From Mad Max to The Passion of the Christ, fans of this megastar can expect quality work and results. But he is not invincible. Mel Gibson is human, and his humanness limits his ability to attain perfection. As far as I can tell, only One person ever managed to live a completely sinless life.

Now this column is not written to condone, excuse, or put limits on the serious offense of driving under the influence by a man who should not only know better, but can surely afford a cab when impaired driving is the alternative choice. This column is meant to express the extent to which we followers of the faith are ready to condemn those that stumble in their walk with the Lord.

When I first heard the story about Mel Gibson's arrest, I prayed that he would use this incident as a learning experience--an event leading to an awakening. The devil is not happy about the accomplishments of this man who so accurately portrayed the battle between good and evil. The Passion of the Christ was one of the most moving, life-changing films to ever hit the silver screen. It accurately tells the story of redemption, sacrifice, and the need for humans to realize the curse of sin.

We are definitely created in God's image, but we are not gods. We are frail, cursed and weak. Only when we rely on the promises of God and His Son do we acknowledge the true source of strength and hope.

Mel Gibson is human. He is destined to make mistakes, fall down, and suffer the consequences of being human. And we should cast our stones to the ground before launching them at a man that struggles the same way we (if we our honest) also struggle.
Dan Blankenship is a freelance writer, and the author of the Christian fiction and suspense novel 'The Running Girl.' Dan studied communications at Calumet College of Saint Joseph and Indiana University Northwest. You may contact Dan through the Letters page of this magazine.