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MomsAn Attitude of Giving
By Janice Ramkissoon

Three points to help you along the road of 'Servanthood':

1. Give God the best of you--not what's left of you.

Here's what happened to me: My soul wasn't satisfied--I wasn't growing spiritually. So I stopped and created some quiet time away from all the daily tasks, church activities and community projects. During this time I did some soul-searching and was found wanting in many areas. I needed to get closer to God and get to know Him better.

Giving God the best of you is worship being your first focus--not work.

"One of the failings of modern day Christians is to put work before worship…"¹

2. Be generous in the time you spend praying.

A rush job as you leave for work, a quick 'thank you' for meals, or thanking Him for taking you there and bringing you back safely is ok, but remember that through prayer you can develop a closer relationship with Christ and often receive guidance.

So spend quality time relating to/with him. Then listen and watch for His direction. Prayer opens many doors that are otherwise left shut.

3. See the need of others even when you are going through the trials of life--that's LOVE.

Jesus is the true 'Servant King,' and we need to learn how to follow His example. It is our human nature to think first of self. However, selfishness is a tool that the devil uses to rob us of our joy and hold us firmly to the ground when we fall. His objective is to keep our thoughts negative, resulting in our not knowing how to rise again, or even wanting to. But when you feel this way, just be reminded of those wonderful words sung by Donnie McClurkin: "A saint is just a sinner who fell down and got up again.'²

Many times my problems seem so small and insignificant when I'm called to offer a helping hand to others. Often I receive my healing through this medium where helping has provided the answer I needed for the situation I was going through. When we learn to think of others first we often find that our 'major' trials really are minor ones, and we also have less time to hold 'pity parties' (prolonging the hurt and feeling sorry for self) and more time for God to shine a light into our heart and direct our paths.

So when selfishness becomes the order of the day, just 'get back up again,' for someone is out there suffering and could do with your saintly input.

Let us strive to give instead of receive, and in so doing develop an attitude to serve others.

* * *

¹ Applying (The 7 Laws of Spiritual Success by Selwyn Hughes), Jennifer Oldroyd

² From the song "We Fall Down" by Donnie McClurkin
Janice Ramkissoon is a travel and inspirational writer. She uses her gift of writing and experience as a mother and wife to encourage and motivate others in their walk of faith. She is also the proprietor of Write2Shine (write2shine.com), a place where words are used to encourage, motivate and inspire others. You can write to Janice through the Letters page of this magazine.