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Virtual Trip
By Karen Ward

Proverbs 31:27 NIV
"She watches over the affairs of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness."

Eiffel Tower.


The Pyramids!


Marilyn hunched closer to the screen and moved the mouse to click on the virtual tour. This is all so easy! she thought. Why would anyone ever leave home?

The toddler at her feet stretched up to be held, "Mummy, Mummy."

"Wow, look at that! Just a minute Jordan, Mummyís busy. Let me finish this tour."

Jordan refused to be placated. "Mummy, Mummy!" he started to cry.

"OK just a minuteÖ Here," Marilyn grabbed her son and walked to the TV, "watch some Wiggles."

She plonked him on the couch and returned to the computer.

I canít believe I didnít want to learn about computers! Thereís so much out there that Iíve always wanted to see!

Grand Canyon.


The Wiggles finished and Marilyn quickly found another tape to playÖ then another. Jordan finally fell asleep in front of the TV, biscuits in his lap.

Ayers Rock!


The phone rang, interrupting her viewing of the photos of Ayers Rock at sunset. Her husbandís voice jolted her quickly back to reality.

"Hi honey, howís your day going?"

Marilyn shifted in her seat. She eyed Jordan asleep on the couch with the Caillou tape still playing. "Umm, fine. Howís yours?"

"Itís good. Actually I thought I might be able to get off early and take Jordan to the park before it gets dark. Wanna come?"

Heís coming home early?? I havenít even washed up from breakfast yet. The whole house is a mess. And I really wanted to finish looking at Ayers Rock!

"Umm, I donít know, Jordanís been grizzly, Iíve still got a few things to do around the house. Maybe you could take him and I could stay here."

Then I can just finish this one site.

"OK babe. I should be there around four."

She looked at the clock on the computer. It was already 3.30!

3.30?? I donít remember getting Jordan his lunch! How can it be 3.30? No wonder heís asleep. Iím sure it was only 11 when I turned the TV on Ė or maybe it was 12? Oh gosh. I want to finish this, but Iíll just do a quick clean up before Blake gets home.

She forced herself to push away from the desk, and looked at her kitchen bench covered in biscuit crumbs from Jordanís snack, and Cocoa Pops and milk where he had spilt his breakfast while she was looking at the Louvre site. A sigh escaped her lips and she set to cleaning up.

By the time her husband walked through the door, sheíd done an admirable job of tidying. Just enough that he would never know the mess it had been only half an hour before. There was no hiding the baskets of washing still not clean, nor the ironing pile, ever growing, but Blake was used to that. She had Jordan ready, and quickly ushered them out the door again so that she could get back to her computer.

Ayers Rock was still waiting.

Why would anyone bother with the expense and risks of travel these days? I donít like flying and I donít like sleeping in other peopleís beds. This is great. I just wish I had more time for my virtual sightseeing. Having a family is so time consuming.

The front door opened and Jordan reached for her as Blake brought him into the room.

"What are you looking at?" His eyes found the screen which was filled with pictures of London.

"Just some tourist sites."

Blake nodded and walked towards the kitchen to get himself a drink.

"Whatís for dinner?"

Dinner? I forgot about dinner. Jordan needs dinner too. Oh, why do I have to do everything around here?

Marilyn rose to see what she could find in the freezer. Fish fingers should do. That will be quick. Then Blake can bath Jordan and I can get back to LondonÖ
Karen Ward is an Australian writer who is looking for opportunities to encourage Christians with her work. She believes that good quality Christian fiction can touch people's hearts and encourage spiritual growth. She currently lives in Canberra, Australia, with her husband and three young sons where they are involved in their local church.