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The Richer Thread
By Alexandra Wilkin

My Love and Faith are intertwined
not as a knot
but one combined;

For He is Love and love protects
my cloak, my comforter
my strength;

His strong threads drawn through weave and weft
a richly patterned life
to tread;

Through life, the one strong threaded cord
the silver breath
that holds and stores;

His perfect light that staves the dark
the many coloured threads
of past;

And present! On now see beyond
the endless cloth we're
formed along;

His Grace, by spirit, constant grows
and guides each soul
'till safely home;

See how the cloth is grown, and grows:
my Lord, Dear Lord
I am near to home!


A Change in Season
By Alexandra Wilkin

A spirit weighted down with black-ice anger
cannot fly,
Fear nurtured cries forth bitterness, not sorrows
sweeter sigh;
The frozen heart, unbreaking, cannot turn upon the wheel,
Where wrath of heart, no grieving, and a heart
that does not heal.

Through long the winters' short grey days, when
scarce the brightness shone,
Did fear your heart, perhaps, that love so bright
had long since gone?
And in your fear your ice it grew like armours' plated steel,
When fearing love's hand turned away,
you feared that love unreal?

So where upon your winter land will spring rays
be free to fall,
Where will the warmer words, like drops of rain,
be free to call?
Where will your chill of fear bow down
before all love and reason,
as winter cedes defeat once more to summer's greener season.

For then the sun will crack the ice, the heat
will melt the steel,
The buds of green will grow again and all the scars will heal;
And free of pain the spirit soars knowing
close to hand,
Within its grasp the Everlasting Glorious
Summers' land.

Alexandra Wilkin grew up on a steady diet of 'old school' poetry Shakespeare's sonnets, Keates, Shelley, to name a few, as well as classic literature like Dickens and Bronte. At 36, Alexandra admits that the writing of poetry and short stories is her 'first love' and that through poetry, her spiritual longing revealed itself. "The Richer Thread" is an expression of her feelings since finding that relationship with Christ, and "A Change in Season" hopes to touch those who have yet to discover the same. You may write to Alexandra through the Letters page of this Magazine.