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Volume 2, Issue 3 - November 2005

Hello and welcome to the November Issue of FaithWriters’ Magazine!

For the majority of our readers, November is the month for giving thanks – with a day set aside to count blessings and be grateful. However, no matter where we are in the world, or whether we have a special day of thanksgiving or not, really doesn’t matter. Every day is the right day to give thanks to God.

So join with us in FaithWriters’ Magazine this month as we take time to do just that – and you can start right here on the front page, with Joanne Malley’s beautiful message of love, "With a Thankful Heart."

It is a real joy and delight to not only showcase Joanne’s heartwarming article on our front page, but to also feature an interview with her as well. Joanne has been a regular contributor to FaithWriters’ Magazine since it began in September last year, and is an enthusiastic FaithWriters’ member. I know you’ll enjoy getting to know this lovely lady a little better as you read her interview with Lynda Schab – "Loads of Love, a Romantic Heart and an Antique Desk."

Need a smile in the midst of all the preparations for that annual day of feasting? Well, if you do, then pop over to ‘Tis the Season, and enjoy "Botox for the Wrinkled Blessing Psyche" by another FaithWriters’ Magazine favorite, Glenn Hascall. It helps put things into perspective.

Then, to make sure that you’re getting the "meat of the Word," in your Thanksgiving feast this year, take time to read and respond to Richard Krejcir’s study, "Romans and Gratitude," in A Word in Season. It is definitely food for thought and for the soul.

With a Thankful Heart
By Joanne Malley

"Watch out!" I yelled.

"Whoa…Mom – that rake just missed my head!" screamed my daughter.

"You ok, honey?" I asked with concern.

"Yeah, but I’m outta here. I’m too spooked to help anymore," she said.

"Sorry, honey – your dad is disorganized in the garage. He needs to tighten that overhead tool hook and clean up."

Read Complete Article...

Loads of Love, a Romantic Heart and an Antique Desk ... Meet Joanne Malley
Interview by Lynda Schab

FWM: Jo, I'm so honored to be the one to conduct this interview! You've become a friend of mine over the past year or so and I'm thrilled to be able to assist others in getting to know you too. So to begin, tell us a little about yourself and how you got started with your writing.

JOANNE: I’m really a simple girl at heart. Family, friends and quiet times at home are treasures to me. I love to cozy up, read a good book, or enjoy quiet time with my husband or children....

Read Complete Interview...

Of course, the greatest reason for thanksgiving is that, thanks to Jesus, we have been set free from the curse of sin and death. Theresa Veach expresses her thanks in the first ever article to be included in our Faith Seekers section. No matter who you are, or where you stand with the Lord, I encourage you to read "Dear Jesus," and take a moment to "sign" it with your own name.

Now I don’t want to shock anyone, but have you realized that Christmas is just around the corner? If you’re like me, you haven’t even begun to think about preparing for the big day – and the same is often true for the church. November hits and all of a sudden congregations around the world realize that they need to find something for that special Christmas service – and find it fast!

Well, if that’s the case for your church, then you may find something to help in Acting Up this month. Darlene Hight has written a gentle, heartwarming script for two people, that’s designed to bring our focus back to the simple truth of Christmas. Please feel free to use "The Celebration" in your Christmas services this year. Darlene would love to hear from you if you do.

A Woman’s World is back this month, with something that may hit home with a lot of readers. I know that when I first read "Virtual Trip" by Karen Ward, I felt a little stab of familiarity at the scene she painted. Perhaps you may too. If you’re like me, you’ll smile and say "ouch" all at the same time!

Well, once again, that’s just a few highlights to get you going … there’s plenty more to read and enjoy, and I’m sure each article and poem will bless you abundantly. Don’t forget that you can write to all our authors care of the Letters page – they really do love to hear from you.

So until next time, have a beautiful Thanksgiving, and may God bless you and your loved ones each day, in every way.

Happy reading!

Deb Porter
Editor, FaithWriters’ Magazine