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From the Editor -
Dr. Wayne Nelson
A Word In Season
Featured Article
Thanksgiving, What Does it Mean?
By Wayne Nelson

November is the month where we in America celebrate Thanksgiving as a national holiday. For many, it is simply a day off from work where the object seems to be to stuff as much turkey as possible into our ever-expanding bodies. For others, it is a day to visit family for a time of fun and fellowship. Many a meal on this holiday will be started without so much as a bowed head, indicating a private prayer, or a corporate prayer involving all sitting at the table.

The idea of Thanksgiving seems most remote in too many homes on this holiday that was designed to give thanks to God for what He has done for us. So what does thanksgiving really mean?

Since the central idea in the Thanksgiving holiday is the giving of thanks to God for what He has done for us, it makes sense to turn to His Word for the use of the word "thanksgiving".

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Stones Made of Paper
By Lynne Gaunt

Take a walk with me to a time in history when the children of Israel were camped along the east side of the Jordan River. These people had been through an incredible journey. Their parents had been slaves in Egypt and had seen the mighty hand of God bring plagues to Pharaoh and his people. They'd seen him part the Red Sea and destroy their enemies. And now, for the past 40 years, they had experienced God's daily involvement as he led them, taught them, provided food and water for them, and disciplined them for their unbelief and disobedience. Their beloved leader Moses has died, and his appointed successor Joshua is ready to lead them across the Jordan to the Promised Land the land that God had given them as their inheritance.

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MomsThanks for Giving
By E.L.Dobbins

Life is dependent on Your mercy and grace. We only exist because You choose it to be. In our attempt at living our lives to the fullest, we often fail to thank You for giving us the superior knowledge of YOU over other objects you have created.

Due to the curious minds of humanity, we are capable of discovering tools that offer simplicity in a chaotic society. As we marvel at our discoveries and the minds that give birth to new things, we must consider that we have simply uncovered something that was already here. The real question is to what extent have the greatest inventions or imaginations of our minds impacted our lives and our relationship with our Creator? Have the inventions, discoveries and imaginations of mankind brought us closer to the One who created and allowed human creation, or have they drawn us closer to our creations?

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