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Thanks for Giving
By E.L.Dobbins

Life is dependent on Your mercy and grace. We only exist because You choose it to be. In our attempt at living our lives to the fullest, we often fail to thank You for giving us the superior knowledge of YOU over other objects you have created.

Due to the curious minds of humanity, we are capable of discovering tools that offer simplicity in a chaotic society. As we marvel at our discoveries and the minds that give birth to new things, we must consider that we have simply uncovered something that was already here. The real question is to what extent have the greatest inventions or imaginations of our minds impacted our lives and our relationship with our Creator? Have the inventions, discoveries and imaginations of mankind brought us closer to the One who created and allowed human creation, or have they drawn us closer to our creations?

I would simply like to give thanks to God for giving us life with a soul and intelligence. I would like to acknowledge that, because we are superior to all other creatures created on Earth, we should utilize all other created things as a tool to praise God only.

How can inanimate objects be utilized to praise God? As I sit here and type this piece, my intentions are to reach someone through the words I have written. I pray that someone will see God in these words and feel a need to praise Him. I utilize my monitor to see what I have typed, I use my keyboard to type the script, I use the programs that run my PC to save my work and I will use the ISP provider to email it to a perspective media outlet.

Everyday we all utilize inanimate objects without giving thought to why we need them to exist. I believe their intended purposes are many Ė the main one being through the means and use of an inanimate object, we recognize it as a tool "only", resulting in humanity giving "all" praise to God. We often give much respect and dependence to inanimate objects; our cars, our homes, our phones and the many other objects and technologies that have no soul and simply exist to enhance our daily lives.

Who isnít enamored at the sight of all the living soul-less objects God has created? We delight in the various fruits and vegetables grown for nourishment. We delight in the smells and sights of all His glory. We have been given a plentiful array of plants that offer nourishment, medical benefits and, quite simply, life. Without trees and other greenery of plants we would not be able to sustain life on this planet. God daily nurtures and revitalizes His living soul-less creations with His gifts of the sun and the rain.

I know that what I just said is common knowledge. Why then donít we glorify our Creator daily when we can see His created order? Why then donít we put more "stock" in Him than we do the things created to sustain our lives? We should daily thank God for giving us so much. When we see the birds in the sky and the squirrels that run by, we should think of our Lord. Down to the tiniest insect, up to the largest mammal, all were given to us by God. He put us above all creatures for one reason. He allows us to be nourished and to utilize the existence of animals. We use them for an enormous amount of resources and yet we think that God was unaware of how beneficial they were to become. Humanity utilizes animals for research, friendship, nourishment and amusement, taking for granted their food chain and that the created order they provide is linked to our survival.

When we use Godís creations selfishly, with no regard to their intended purposes, we suffer; developing an unnatural dependence on those things. We should in no way live to use the "things" God or this world has created. We should strive to use those "things" to live only, while utilizing the things God gives unconditionally to offer honor and praise to He who has created "ALL" things.

Today Lord, I say thanks for giving us life. Thanks for giving us your Son. Thanks for giving humanity the ability to see You, hear You, feel You, taste You and smell You as we partake of the wealth of all Your creations. God, I acknowledge that you are, the creator of "ALL". Thanks for giving us YOU.
Evelaca Dobbins is a married mother of four children; attending William Jewell College in Liberty, Missouri studying in Psychology. Currently she is employed as an office manager while receiving guidance from God and her personal life experiences in an effort to become a more effective writer. She has been writing Christian poems, commentaries and journals since 1996. She acknowledges her gift of expressing herself through script and intends to dedicate her talents to further spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
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