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Practically Speaking
By Diane Exner

I think it is safe to say, that most women are practical thinkers. Give us a problem or a challenge, and we will generally think of a practical solution that we can use time and again. Iím very much a person like that, who wants to solve a problem once by the most efficient and relevant way possible, so that I donít have to re-invent the wheel each time I do a similar project. I believe this is the way God designed many women, and in turn teaches us many things in practical ways through every day living.

Over the years Iíve discovered God can relate to me in these very practical ways. When He wants to teach me something about Himself or His character, He very often uses things in my every day life. Things like movies, sports, people, and even food. Actually, many times when He is teaching me about a deeper relationship with Him, he often uses my stepsons or my husband to bring His point home.

One favorite thing my husband, Jay, and I do to relax some evenings, is watch a movie together with a big bowl of popcorn. Once the popcorn is gone we snuggle on the couch for the remainder of the movie. I enjoy feeling his safe, loving arms around me and he gets to enjoy watching TV. Itís more than that, but we both have our needs met. Itís in these moments that God reminds me that just as I am safe in my husbandís arms, I am also always safe in His arms. So what does popcorn and a movie have to do with God and Biblical teaching you may ask?

Well, when God was reminding me how important it is to continually encourage and build up others, He used Ďpopcorní as an illustration to bring His point home. He used a very practical object in my life to teach and reveal his Word to me. Sometimes we are so busy thinking about how to be spiritual or about only meeting God in church on Sundays, that we forget that He with us, right in our homes, day to day. In this case, He was in my kitchen; a place where some great conversations have taken place over many meals with my family and friends throughout my life. So why wouldnít He use something so familiar and comfortable to teach me about His Word?

From the simple act of making popcorn, I believe God inspired me to write a devotional I call 'Popcorn Encouragement'. Itís practical. Itís Biblical Truth, and itís just like God to meet us where we are at.

I hope you not only enjoy this devotional, but the two articles presented this month. They both have a very practical side that we can learn from. One is called, ĎLord, Iím in a Frump!í and it to uses an every day illustration in a woman's word to teach us about the attitude of our hearts.

The other is called, ĎWhat Ė Moving Again?í and it gives us some great pointers as to how we can alleviate some of those moving day stresses.

Each offers very practical help for our daily living, together with wisdom to be able to see Godís hand at work in and through our lives. I think youíll enjoy both articles very much.
Diane Exner is a published freelance Canadian writer, who takes every opportunity to use her talents to glorify God and to encourage other women. You can contact Diane through her website, Creatively Yours http://www.dianeexner.com.
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