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From the Editor -
Dian Moore
'Tis the Season
Featured Article
‘Tis the Season to Vote, Remember, Be Thankful, Be Kind and Pray
By Dian Moore

Perhaps November should be set aside as a month of contemplation – a time of reflection, thanksgiving and prayer. During November, people worldwide celebrate freedom, recognize their country’s military men and women, pray for the persecuted church and give thanks to God for bountiful harvests and blessings. World Kindness Day challenges citizens to outdo each other in acts of kindness. And a week is set aside in the U.S. to promote God’s guide to life, the Bible.

One of the observances in November brings the opportunity to remember and honor military veterans in the United States, Canada, Australia, England and other countries. Called Veteran’s Day in the U.S. and Remembrance or Armistice Day elsewhere, this time is set aside to pay tribute to those who have chosen to protect our freedoms, like the young man in this Coast Guard story …

Two non-commissioned officers (NCO) on a Coast Guard ship were determined to learn what a young, 20-year-old guardsman said every time he walked up the gangway to board the ship.

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May God Bless America
By Linda Ryzenga

November 25, 2004, will be a special day in the United States. It is a special holiday, named Thanksgiving. How did this holiday originate? Well, I just happened to acquire some information while searching an old Funk and Wagnall’s Encyclopedia. Am I revealing my age? Maybe.

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Vote – The Price Has Been Paid
By Brenda K. Blakely

As I considered who I'm going to vote for in the upcoming elections, several thoughts came to mind. How did I get the right to vote in the first place? Who fought the battle to win my freedom to participate in an election?

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The Wall
By Annette Agnello

Years ago the war protestor was my hero
Standing for what he believed was right
Standing against what he believed was wrong
And how could anywhere so many suffered,
So many died be anything but wrong?

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Turkey Trivia
By Karen Treharne

Since this is the month when many of us turn our thoughts to "turkey" as a traditional family meal, it occurred to me that it might be fun to learn a bit about these feathered friends. Did you know …

Turkeys can drown if they look up while it is raining, so they don't.

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