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The Wall
By Annette Agnello

Years ago the war protestor was my hero
Standing for what he believed was right
Standing against what he believed was wrong
And how could anywhere so many suffered,
So many died be anything but wrong?

But I saw the wall today
It was there and I had to see.
It was a wasted monument
Clearly of no concern to me.
It was a rainy, cold, dark day.
I was headed home, it's on the way!

Standing there, black, across the green
As closer you come the writing was seen
David, Moses, Thomas, Daniel and John.
Williams, Gonzales, Wagner, Carter, Dickerson
Starkness, etched on huge slabs of stone.
In order of days, first short lists
Then huge, then dwindling down to
The last day's few names.

These were in some ways fortunate.
They ended their lives without seeing
How many people of the Nation saw them.
They never heard accusations
Of baby-killers, or worse.
They didn't have to kick the habit
Of drugs first prescribed
To get rid of pain from injuries
Later self prescribed for the emotional pain.

No flashbacks,
Of memories too painful to remember
Too terrible to be able to forget.
Yes this grim roll-call
Was part of a nation's horror.
Yes, remember the patriot
Willing, or unwilling, living or dead.
Pray for their peace.

Annette C. Agnello has been writing for 30 years. She accepted the Lord in 1976. She is married to Mario G. Agnello for just over three years. They currently live in Windsor, VA.
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