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From the Editor -
Dori Knight
A Merry Heart
Featured Article
Don't Forget Your Armor
By Dori Knight

Where I come from, itís a crime to slam into people, and you certainly donít throw them on the ground and trample them because they have something that you want. In most civilized venues, this is called "mugging" and you go to jail for it. But add a football and season tickets to the equation, and you have the makings of a multi-million dollar contact sport.

Personally, I think they make football far too confusing. I donít know a half-back first-referee quarter-down from an outfield third-umpire inning-out. I don't understand it.

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Pencil Paranoia
By Kay Brown

One day, I would like to find a pencil! Obediently, a nifty little pencil holder stands adjacent to my telephone, yet within that holder I invariably find items like melting tubes of Chapstick, leadless mechanical pencils and deceased AA batteries. There are never useable pencils in that can. Ever. This is my own, private little nightmare.

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If Pigs Speak Latin, Do Turkeys Speak Gobbledygook?
By Linda Germain

A recent trip to Massachusetts turned out to be an educational experience in the English language for this Southern girl. Every person I met was warm and gracious, though we certainly had more than one befuddling conversation.

One evening after dinner, as we sat lingering over a bowl of ice cream and reminiscing about our day in Boston, my aunt sighed contentedly, and then suggested, "We might as well finish up the cotton."

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