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From the Editor -
Bill Shurkey
Featured Poems
lifeThe Same Yesterday, Today and Forever
By Bill Shurkey

The aging process is part of life and with it comes change. Things like cheese and wine are enhanced by it. Other things deteriorate. Look at our bodies for example. As we age, energy decreases and breathing increases. Our sight and hearing begin to go but our legs can't. We start to forget things, and the things we don't forget we misplace.

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Open Heart
(A Personal Embrace of the 24th Psalm)
By Cathy Powell

Gates of my heart be opened now
Be evermore thrown wide;
Let enter in the Lord of Hosts
Invite Him to reside.

A mighty Warrior is this
Who wages war for me
Defeating all the evil foes
My soulís dark enemies.

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Featured Poem

lifeUnspeakable Joy
Glenn A. Hascall

Today I caught a glimpse of God
While His face I did not see
His character was illumined
As to my knees I fell.

The joy I feel is near to bubble bursting
I am despised by all who see me
My heart has been filled with a taste of all that God has in store
I am nearly undone.

I realize now how hungry I was
How thirsty and dry
In one moment a banquet
A quenching of thirst
And I am satisfied

How great and wonderful is God
How incredibly awesome
He is rich beyond all measure
Yet He invites me to discover

His Word is a treasure
I'm mining its depths
In these pages I found truth
In that knowledge I find unspeakable joy
Glenn is a twice-published author, an avid amateur photographer, and a happy Papa and Hubby. He is the Director of Christian Media, Inc, and in his spare time, he sleeps. To find out more about his ministries, visit www.kcmi.cc .