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Open Heart
(A Personal Embrace of the 24th Psalm)
By Cathy Powell

Gates of my heart be opened now
Be evermore thrown wide;
Let enter in the Lord of Hosts
Invite Him to reside.

A mighty Warrior is this
Who wages war for me
Defeating all the evil foes
My soulís dark enemies.

My head is lifted up to Him
To seek His lovely face;
And receive righteousness anew
The blessings of His grace.

Oh, cleanse the deeds I do, dear God
And make my motives pure;
Please guide my journey to the heights
Where holiness is sure.

Creator of the universe
This world belongs to Thee;
The land, the sea, the trees, the sky
Reveal your majesty.

So, let my heart be poised
To ever worship You in awe;
Considering the wonders
Of Your power and Your law.

May generations yet to come
Unite their voice with mine;
May hearts forever open to
The glory that is Thine.

Cathy Powell has been a Christian for over 35 years. She is a wife and the mother of nine adult children. Cathy writes pieces and creates cards and gifts with an inspirational message. Most of her work has been inspired by an individual's need and her desire to comfort and uplift.

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