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From the Editor -
Corinne Smelker
Heaven Bound
Featured Story
HeavenBlue Book Value
By Corinne Smelker

"He’s leavin’ on that midnight train to Georgia," Kelly bellowed, blonde hair billowing as her convertible sped along the open road. She turned the radio up, trying to drown out her own thoughts.

"Where are you headed?" Stacy enquired.

"Dunno – don’t care." Kelly replied, typing busily.

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Desert Found Faith– The Demonstration
By Tammi Chang

Our sedan came to halt in the dark Sahara desert amidst a crowd of angry people. Some men carried torches while others carried signs with anti-American slogans. The shrieks and chants of women and children mixed with the men’s curses against the United States made my head pound.

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HeavenBaptist Beer
By Kenny Paul Clarkson

Rapping on the glass with the knuckle of his forefinger, the preacher captured Wilhelm’s attention. With a friendly smile typical of the retired physics professor, he motioned them into the garage.

Besides a rake and a large green plastic trashcan, the garage was mostly empty. The obvious exceptions were R.J. Rittenbaurer, who was strapping on an accordion, Ted Edmond, who was fiddling with buttons on his clarinet, and Archie Harris, plugging his bass guitar into an amp. In addition, there was some guy sitting behind a heretofore-silent set of drums. Neither Eb nor his twelve-year-old companion, Orville, recognized the drummer.

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