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From the Editor -
Marina Rojas
Take it to Heart
Featured Article
Take to heart Separation
By Marina Rojas

Contrary to popular belief, it does rain in Southern California. It especially likes to rain in November, and when the November rains come, it is done with the usual Hollywood over-kill. Buckets of rain fall on streets that don稚 have any gutters; or worse yet, have no storm drains.

During one particularly rainy November, my family and I woke up to discover that the roof on our house was in dire need of an extreme makeover. Having awakened to what sounded like a car crashing into our home, we rushed into our front room, only to find ourselves involved in the midst of a torrential rain storm.

Now, that the rainstorm was happening was not unusual for that particular time of the year. What was a little strange was that the rain was falling in our front room.

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By John Hunt

The lingering haze finally lifted from the fields alongside the Jordan River Valley. Matthias and his son, Jacob, were herding their sheep early in the morning; a morning filled with golden reflections of sunlight that glistened off the thick dew, while the sweet song of the crested lark echoed across the meadow. The sheep had unexpectedly wandered onto the field alongside the Jordan River, just outside the city of Jericho. They had come upon the place that was told to them of old, the place that had stood there for generations, the place that many people had indeed forgotten about in that day and age: The Crossing.

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Take to heart UNCERTAIN
By Jerry Lane

God, I知 uncertain. What do I feel? I知 torn. I知 trying to trust You, yet I worry. How will I know Your Will? How will I know Your voice? What do You want me to do? What direction do You want me to go? I知 wandering in a desert. Anxiety plagues me at times so badly that sleep escapes me. I agonize to get up in the morning. I知 uncertain.

Ironically, I received good news today, yet I知 sad because my focus is set on other things. I feel like the girl who wrote me last night who identified with one of my stories saying that sometimes she looks at her husband and kids playing together like they are someone else痴 family. I feel disconnected as well. I stare into space day after day, night after night searching for direction. I知 uncertain.

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