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It's Raining, it's Pouring
By Karen Treharne

November comes, November goes. Looking out the window, Cassidy frowned at the raging rain that pounded against the glass panes producing ringlets and ribbons of fog-generating water. "It's all so depressing," she whined. "Why does God make fall and winter so dark and dreary, anyway?"

She wiped her glasses clean with a napkin and continued with her struggle to figure out the geometry homework assignment in front of her on the table. "Dad, would you come and help me with this? I just don't get it."

You're sure full of questions, aren't you?" Putting the newspaper down on the living room floor beside his lounger, David walked over to the mahogany kitchen table and sat down beside his daughter. He could tell by the frustration in her voice that a little encouragement was in order.

"Let me see if I can get you started again," he offered, as he leaned in to read the problem in her math book to identify the source of Cassi's dilemma.

After a few minutes of studying, "OK, how about this..." David explained his version of the problem which, according to her periodic nods of agreement, Cassi seemed to comprehend.

"Thanks Dad. That really makes sense." As he pushed back from the table, his daughter looked up from her paper and repeated her earlier query. "So, Dad. Why does God make fall and winter so dark and dreary?"

"Now that is a good question, and a bit more complicated than your math, too." He returned to his place next to Cassidy and thoughtfully continued.

"Well, I think our Father in Heaven has a purpose for every season ... for instance ... springtime is a time of celebrating new birth and growing in our faith, while summer is for relaxation and fun when the family spends more time together enjoying God's glorious creation." He hesitated a second before going on.

"And autumn is the time for reviewing what we've produced in the way of fruit for God, and considering how we can do better next year. And, finally, winter ... well ... winter is when we thank our Lord for all the blessings He pours down on us ... even in the form of rain."

He watched her face change expressions from an "okay, fine, I know about all that, but still..." to a look of genuine interest. David smiled at her as he concluded.

"Actually ... I think fall and wintertime gives us an opportunity to commune with God to seek answers to such questions as, ‘God. Why do you make fall and winter so dark and dreary?'"

Family Prayer

Heavenly Father, we praise Your name and express our gratitude to You for all that You provide us within our family home.

May we celebrate Your gift of a dwelling place by bringing families together in Your name to create memories that will last forever.

May we appreciate the blessing of freedom that we have to worship and pray together in our homes, for we know that one day it could be taken away.

May we follow the example of Your precious son, Jesus, as we fellowship with and invite others into our home in hospitality and love.

May those less fortunate, who may not have a home or loved ones, be drawn near Your gate for comfort and protection.

May we raise our hands and voices to You in joyful thanks for Your Word that You have preserved for us throughout the centuries, so we might know You better and love You more. In Jesus’ name, amen
Karen Treharne is the author of "Women Wearing the Baggy Pants", a newspaper article about clowns, and a soon-to-be published story, "Prom Night", in one of the FaithWriters’ quarterly books. She is also the Editor of The Joy of Family. Karen and her husband have two sons, one daughter, and three granddaughters. They live in "God's Country", the Pacific Northwest, in Tacoma, Washington.
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