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Family Fun
By Karen Treharne

If you're like me, some of your fondest memories involve family fun. Times of diversion from busy days, busy nights, busy weeks or just plain busy lives. And whether those special opportunities involve camping, cooking or crafts, we are all blessed to spend time together enjoying each other's company. I pray that some of the following ideas and activity titles will bring delightful hours of joy to you and your family.

Check out these titles for ideas and activities for your family!
  1. Cooking Time is Family Time: Cooking Together, Eating Together, and Spending Time Together by Lynn Fredericks, 1999

    This book advocates inviting kids into the kitchen to help parents with the cooking. Families will discover laughing, talking, learning and fun while cooking together. This book has over 125 recipes and anecdotes about what works and what doesn't work when families share the kitchen.

  2. Disney's FamilyFun Crafts edited by Deanna Cook, 1997

    Families will find over 500 crafts to make together in this activity book by Disney's FamilyFun magazine. Coloring, paper projects, nature crafts and holiday gifts are only a few ideas to be done together.

  3. FamilyFun's Parties edited by Deanna Cook, 1999 Over 100 party plans for birthdays, holidays, block parties, treasure hunts and camp-outs are offered in this book by FamilyFun magazine.

  4. Fodor's Family Adventures, by Christine Loomis, 1998

    This Fodor's guide lists over 700 family vacation ideas for fun and travel. Biking, dog sledding, ranching, sailing and wildlife encounters are only a few of the adventures families can experience together.

  5. Fun and Games for Family Gatherings: With a Focus on Reunions by Adrienne Anderson, 1996

    This book explains what families can do when getting together. There are terrific reunion ideas from building projects to bake sales, to talent shows.

  6. Fun Time, Family Time by Susan K. Perry, 1996

    This book helps bring parents and their children together with hundreds of ideas for making every day special.

  7. The Joy of Family Camping, by Herb Gordon, 1998

    For families who like to camp together, this guide offers great practical advice for outdoor fun. It discusses equipment, clothing and food, and creating wilderness memories through diaries and photographs.

  8. Joy of Reading: One Family's Fun-Filled Guide to Reading Success by Debbie Duncan, 1998

    Learn how reading can excite, inspire and entertain everyone in your family. The author discusses how to turn sick time into reading time, summer reading projects, and getting kids to reach for a book instead of the television remote.

  9. 100 Best Family Resorts in North America 100 Quality Resorts with Leisure Activities for Children and Adults by Janet Tice, 1998

    This travel guide features 100 family resorts with both adults and children in mind. Parents can find listed beach resort, lake shore cottages and ski lodges for family getaways.

  10. Online Family: Your guide to Fun and Discovery in Cyberspace by Presto Gralla, 1998

    Families can jump into cyberspace with this extensive guide to the Internet. It shows how to surf the net for entertainment, health, travel and educational information.

  11. Simplify Your Life with Kids: 100 Ways to Make Family Life Easier and More Fun, by Elaine St. James, 1997

    The author of the best selling book, Living the Simple Life, now takes aim at simplifying family life. She shows how to make daily routines easier; how to resolve conflict better; and how to have less frantic holidays.

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