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From the Editor -
Debbie Porter
We are the Church
Featured Article
ChurchFlock, Field-hands or Family?
By Debbie Porter

Anyplace was much the same as any other town, anywhere. It had four schools, one recreation hall, a bustling mall, three hairdressers, two parks, a community swimming pool, a not too busy police station, two self-serve gas stations and three churches.

Even though the schools, hairdressers and gas stations would all be quick to say that they were WAY different from their counterparts; the reality was that they were all pretty much the same.

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Blessings in Bags
By Karen Treharne

It is very possible that your congregation will participate in a different Thanksgiving activity this year - a modified version of The Earth Day Groceries Project.

The Earth Day Groceries Project is an environmental awareness scheme that teams youth and grocers in communities, with the goal of spreading the message of Earth Day each year.

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church The Man in the Brown Hat
By Kenny Paul Clarkson

Strange eyes pierced the smoke-filled room. Alice challenged his stare with one of her own, then winked. She didnít smile. He looked away.

Some honky-tonk tune played on the jukebox. Quietly. Another patron sat at a table near the wall, cupping a drink; his eyes gazing into his own thoughts.

"We close at three on Sunday morning," she added.

The stranger said nothing. "State law, yaí know. Canít serve liquor after three." She paused. "Itís quarter Ďtil."

Alice finished mopping the bar with her terry cloth; then headed his direction.

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