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Teens God is Good all the Time
By Arway Sayeh-Swepson

God is good all the time, and all the time God is good! Some pastors, prior to delivering the message, often make the congregation recite this statement of belief. As the adage goes, "easier said than done." It does not take much effort for every Tom, Dick and Harry to sing or recite a creed without understanding its true meaning, knowing the magnitude of the words expressed, or exercising its full meaning. Do we really mean what we say when we say that God is good? Can we say that God is good all the time?

The truth is, we can enjoy proclaiming God's goodness when things are going well with us, but when all hell breaks loose and Satan roars and strikes, will we really hold on to our proclamation or will we begin to doubt God's goodness and reliability?

Sometimes terrible things happen in this world that we cannot comprehend, especially when it happens to someone who loves the Lord and is serving Him faithfully. We sometimes wonder; why do bad things happen to good people? Why him, why her or why me? We ask this question all the time. Why does God allow certain things to happen--it just does not make sense.

Hey, hold on for a minute. Let me ask you this; did it make sense to you when you got that promotion, or when you got the job that over 200 candidates applied for, or when some blessing or favor from out of nowhere just dropped in your lap? Did you ask God, "Why me?" Why don't you question God when good things happen to you too?

When disaster strikes, one might wonder and say, "I'm a Christian, and this should not be happening to me." Yes, it shouldn't be, but do not be discouraged. Feel honored by the attack. However, I'm not saying you should cherish suffering--believe me, that does not make you a better Christian. Unwarranted suffering is not of God! When a Christian suffers unjustly, there is an evil reason behind it and this should not come as a surprise.

Remember Jesus said we would suffer for His name's sake. He told us, upfront, that in this world we will have trouble. So don't act surprised when you encounter difficulty. He never said it would be easy to be his follower, but he did promise to hold our hand.

Satan does not attack ordinary people. Remember Job? He attacked Job because Job was an upright man. He feared God, and God was very proud of him. Satan did not like that at all. Satan does not like effective Christians. When we live right, and try to get others to live right, it is destructive to the kingdom of darkness. I believe that in your service to God, you are wreaking severe havoc in the kingdom of darkness, and that is why you are under attack.

When the flaming arrows of the enemy come against you from all angles, keep declaring the goodness of God. It won't be easy, but you can do it. Pray for strength to do so and the Holy Spirit will empower you. With all of your wounds--grief, disappointment and bad luck--you will be able to say (like Job), "though he slay me, yet will I trust him".

During your darkest hour, you will still be able to proclaim:

Even though I'm being laid off from my job and God knows I have four mouths to feed, a mortgage, and a car note to pay......God is still good.

Even though I fasted and prayed for seven days about my son's case, yet he was convicted and sent to prison for a crime he did not commit......God is still good.

Even though I did not get that house I wanted......God is still good.

Even though I begged God for justice while I was being lied about and mistreated on my job, yet, in the end, I was unjustly fired......God is still good.

Even though I don't have any children and probably will never be able to have children......God is still good.

Even though I have been diagnosed with cancer and was told I have six months to live......God is still good.

Even though I lost my arm in a car accident......God is still good.

Even if my enemies seem to triumph over me......God is still good.

Even if I never get married......God is still good

Even though I studied and studied, and took the state board exam twice and still failed......God is still good.

Even though the Bank finally foreclosed on my home and I am now a topic of discussion among my friends and neighbors......God is still good.

Even though I have had a series of unfortunate events......God is still good.

Even though God does not make sense to me......God is still good.

Be strong and mean every word as you proclaim God's goodness in your time of distress. Do all you can do to stand and remain standing. Make it known to Satan that you are not an easy target. I'm telling you the truth, the devil will never forget you.

When you declare the goodness of God during your trials, you defeat the enemy and, in due course, the enemy will fear you. Satan will think twice before he launches another attack on you. He will never forget the damaging blow you have dealt him by remaining faithful and rendering praises to God during your trials. Your name will be removed from the list of Satan's Most Wanted to Satan's Most Feared.

God is still good from the beginning of time, and he will still be good to the end of time. Regardless of the difficult challenges, hindrances, disappointments and hurt we experience in life, God is always good. We must believe that. We must learn to trust God.

Let us keep trusting Him and remember His goodness when everything is falling apart, when we feel like we will never be able to face tomorrow, when we can't make ends meet, when we have become an object of mockery to society, when there are more questions than answers, when we have sleepless nights, when all we can do is shake our heads and sigh because of the senseless circumstances we find ourselves in.

Trust God at all times because he is still good. Put your hand in the hand of the man who stilled the water, put your hand in the hand of the man who calmed the sea--knowing that one fine day he will order the winds and the waves to be still in your life too.

Hold on to your faith, even when God does not make sense. Remember that God is good all the time, and all the time GOD IS GOOD.
Arway Sayeh-Swepson is a Soldier in the Army of the Lord. Though tossed back and forth by many storms, she is still standing and uses her experience through writing to inspire, enlighten, encourage and strengthen. If you would like to write to Arway, you can do so through the Letters page of this magazine.