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A Work of Art
By Paulette Rogers

A fragile, delicate bud,
refreshed after a winter's rest,
pushes upward from her tender roots
in eager anticipation of the resurrected life!

Enthusiastically her roots reach
farther and farther into the
fertile soil until at last,
she is anchored to the Heart of her Creator.

Her petals enfolded, upward she grows
enriched with the nurturance of His enveloping love.
As the March winds blow, she sways to and fro,
then the April rains soak into the ground that bears her.

At last the glorious sun
penetrates with such warmth
that her petals unfold in brilliance.

Majestically her petals extend
upward and outward
in praise and adoration
to her Heavenly Father
Who's beauty she reflects.

As He looks down upon her
His face beams with joy!
No communion is as sweet
than that which is shared
between the Father and His creation.

With her countenance lifted upward
as far as she can stretch,
and her roots growing downward
as far as they can go,
She is secure in the knowledge that
she can never grow beyond
the height not the depth of her
Father's love.

To her, He is her reason for living;
To Him, she is a work of art.
She's a picture of His peace,
His gentleness, His purity.
They complement each other so beautifully!

Paulette Rogers writes a column for her hometown newspaper and has had both her testimony and poetry published. She is the administrator and facilitator of a school of ministry and goes on mission trips to Jamaica. You can write to Paulette through the Letters page of this magazine.