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Volume 2, Issue 9 - May 2006

He put a new song in my mouth,
a hymn of praise to our God.
Many will see and fear
and put their trust in the LORD.

~ Psalm 40:3 NIV ~

Hello and welcome to another jam-packed month of inspiration--and, of course, a very special "Happy Motherís Day" to all our moms and grandmothers. I hope you all have a wonderful day!

Here we are, into the fifth month of the year, and it feels as though we only just finished saying "auld lang syne." The time seems to be going faster every year--and this year in particular. For my family, May brings a couple of turning-points. Our daughter, Kylie, turns 21 on the 1st May, which is a milestone in any young personís life. But this birthday, and Motherís Day, will also be her last at home, as she will be getting married in July. Wasnít it only yesterday that she was my baby girl? Surely it wasnít all that long since she picked up her backpack and headed off to school. Goodness ... it was only a few years ago that she graduated! The years didnít just fly by, they went like greased lightning!

Even so, as much as I will miss seeing her sparkling eyes and smiling face each day, I can freely cut the apron strings because I know that we will always be connected at the heart. Thatís what being a mother is all about--in fact, itís what being a parent is all about.

And we have plenty of "Mom" focused messages this month, but before I tell you about those, I must introduce our front page feature.

Just the Fax Ma'am
By James Snyder

For years, I smugly prided myself as a non-fax machine person. I felt it beneath my dignity to own such a technical contraption. The quill is more my style than a computer, but, being practical, I reluctantly use a computer, casting wistful glances at the dust gathering on my quill.

Unfortunately, in the world in which we live, it is necessary to fax some letters or documents to someone in some odd part of the world. I don't like it, but that's just the way it is.

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Laughter from the Parsonage--Meet Rev. James Snyder
Interview by Lynda Schab

FWM: I canít tell you how privileged I feel to be conducting this interview! Youíre one of the "classics" at FaithWriters. Youíve been a member since 2003 and your work was among the very first I read after joining myself. Iím looking forward to uncovering the layers that make up the Rev. James Snyder. So letís get started!

First things first. Tell us a little about yourself and the church you pastor.

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It really is a delight to be able to put Rev. James Snyder in the spotlight at FaithWritersí Magazine, and I must confess, this gentleman has been one of my favorite FaithWritersí authors for a very long time. Rev. James has been freely sharing his column with FaithWritersí readers for over three years, and has brought many a smile to many a face in that time. There are so many stories from the parsonage, that it really was hard to pick just one for our front page this month--but Iím sure youíll enjoy "Just the Fax Maíam," as much as I did. (Technophobes, this oneís for you!)

Behind the giggles and the self-deprecating humor, there is also a man with a passionate heart to serve God. I know youíll be blessed by Lynda Schabís interview, "Laughter from the Parsonage--Meet Rev. James Snyder."

Now, moving back to our Motherís Day celebration, we have quite a mixture for your enjoyment. Cassie Memmer has provided a wonderful tongue-in-cheek tribute to her mom in A Merry Heart, with "No Sappy Poem for Motherís Day." I think a lot of mothers may recognize themselves in Cassieís totally unmushy ode.

While youíre smiling, head on over to The Joy of Family and spend some time with Pamela Bridgeman and her mama, in "How to Find Favor." At first glance, this may seem a bit of an odd choice for this particular section--after all, Mamaís discipline was kind of hard. However, there is no doubt that it was done out of love and a desire to see her children trained up in righteousness--and thatís exactly what happened. Pamela and her siblings grew up with faith, and in the favor of God. The very fact that Pamela admits to nearly splitting her sides laughing at some of the memories, is testimony that a good "whupping" didnít do her any harm. This author is as warm and down-to-earth as her writing indicates, and Iím sure youíll love both her and Mama Bridgeman.

Just today, Kylie and I were watching a documentary on the painting of a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, in honor of her 80th Birthday. The artist, Rolf Harris, mentioned that he was particularly careful when painting the brooch that the Queen was wearing for the sitting, as this had been her gift to her own mother on her 100th birthday. The love between Elizabeth and her very dear mother, was obvious to all, every day of their lives. The Queen Mother was, and forever will be, Elizabethís beloved "Mummy."

Such is the precious bond between most mothers and daughters--and this month, two of our authors have shared their own very special memories of mother. First of all, make sure you read Debbie Sicklerís inspiring tribute, "My Motherís Legacy," in A Womanís World. Then, in ĎTis the Season, be blessed by Sandra Fischerís memories of Mom, in "Lessons from My First Teacher."

As an Australian, itís always a real treat to be able to include another Aussie writer in FaithWritersí Magazine (we do have quite a few popping up on a regular basis these days). This month, Iím very happy to welcome Val Clark to the team, with her bittersweet memoir, "Grandfatherís Oranges." Without deliberately pushing our "emotion buttons," or tugging at the heartstrings, Val still manages to connect powerfully with the reader. There is something very special about this little trip "Down Memory Lane."

T.E. George is another newcomer to FaithWritersí Magazine, and his first submission is definitely a Light in the Darkness. Iím sure that we have all been through painful times, and even years later wondered why such an experience was necessary. If you have ever felt that way, then this message, "Purpose in the Pointless," may help to provide some illumination.

While youíre browsing through this monthís issue, donít go without reading "The Bluebird and the Afghan" by Shannon Redmon (a short story that is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face), "After the Vows," by Ese Adonkie (a challenging reminder for all married couples), and "A Work of Art," by Paulette Rogers (an uplifting poem to make your heart rejoice).

Last of all, thereís even a long overdue Breath of Fresh Air from me! I think itís been about eight months since I last wrote something for FaithWritersí Magazine, and it really was fun writing "And the First Shall be Last." Ah yes ... itís amazing what comes to the surface when the pressure is on!

Well, thatís our May Issue covered, from start to finish, and I hope that it blesses you as much as it has blessed us to prepare it for you. May God hold you and your loved ones close to His heart, this month and always.

With love,

Deb Porter
Editor, FaithWritersí Magazine.